Re-align your life.

“When inner space and outer space resonate together in harmony, then peacefulness, vitality, health, prosperity and creativity become the natural order and effortlessness is experienced.” – said a legendary Vastu Shastra teacher, Dr Ganapati Sthapati. Vastu science is all about restoring this resonance between our inner and outer space.

Vastu in macrocosm

External forces

Our lives are continuously affected by a variety of external forces. They affect not only our mood, but also our health and other areas of life. The continuous cosmic dance of elements, modes of nature, light, directions and planetary influences supports us and obstructs us in different moments of time. Vastu is the art of redesigning your living space, your mini-universe, in order to minimise the malefic influence of every negative moment and maximise the positive influence of every auspicious moment.


Vastu is a science primarily based on the movements of the Sun. Sun emits different qualities of light throughout the day, which can support or obstruct our daily activities. Vastu therefore is the art of redesigning your space so that you can be more in tune with the source of light.


According to Vedic philosophy, earth, water, fire, air and ether are building blocks of the fabric of the universe. In their gross form, they create the universe; in their subtle form, they affect our body and mind in various ways. Vastu science aims to rebalance the elements in our life by rearranging our living space.


Did you know that, just by facing a certain direction, you can automatically gain more clarity and focus? Some directions have a more relaxing effect on the mind, while the others do not. Vastu Shastra tells you in detail the influence of directions on our body and mind, and thus allows you to rearrange your space for you to be more in tune with them.

Vastu Purusha

Vastu Purusha is the energy field of every living space. You can call him “the soul of your home”. The anatomy of Vastu Purusha is similar to our own, and therefore, when a living space is built in a way to honour it, the resonance between a human and his living space will be harmonious and supportive.


Astrology plays a vital role in Vastu Shastra. In ancient times, not just every building but every object was built or created to honour the harmonious resonance between the stellar blueprint of an individual and the object itself. Vastu Shastra aims to create and restore this cosmic balance between us and our living space.

Vastu in microcosm

Internal forces

According to Vedic philosophy, external space is merely a projection of our inner state. Macrocosm is a projection of microcosm.

Understanding your living space better can reveal something very deep about yourself. Healing your living space can become the ultimate aid for your personal transformation. Building a living space that is completely in tune with your stellar vibration can possibly change your life completely.

Vastu house

A house that will change your life.

If you have never had a chance to visit a house that is designed 100% in tune with Vastu principles, you may not know how empowering such a space feels. A house or building, which respects the sacred ratios and proportions in Vastu Shastra, becomes sacred. We will help you to design your house not only according to Vastu principles but also your personal stellar vibrations, with the help of Ayadi calculations.


Luxury Villa  

Here is one beautiful project I was working on a while ago. This house is not only built according to Vastu principles, but also in tune with nature. Not a single tree or stone was moved from the land to build the house.


Retreat Centre

Vastu science can transform any building into a sacred, enlightening space. Retreat centres and resorts built according to Vastu principles are truly transformative spaces. Here is a project I am working on in Croatia.


Family House  

To build in tune with nature and stellar forces is gaining more and more popularity in the west, as people start to realise the beneficial effects of Vastu compliant buildings. Here is a project I was working on quite recently.


Wooden House  

Vastu science can be applied in any space, big or small. Nowadays, more and more people are attracted to a simplistic life closer to nature. Here is an example of a small wooden house built according to Vastu principles.

Vastu House Design

Enlightening Buildings

Are you about to build a house? Do you wish to build a space that is in tune with the laws of nature as well as your personal vibrations? Do you want to live in a harmonious space that will support your progress in life? Get an unique concept and design for your home that follows all Vastu principles, so that your needs are in balance with the laws of nature. You will receive a very detailed design for the interior (colors, lights, mirrors, position of plants, furniture and more), a detailed floor plan of your future home, practical tips as well as my online support for one month.


90-120 min
Floor plan
Practical tips

Vastu Evaluation

Redesigning Youniverse

Get a detailed analysis of your existing living or working space – your house, your apartment, or an office. Learn about its strengths and weaknesses, and how to counteract them with the help of Vastu. You will get a visualization of your floor plan before and after the changes, including a Vastu grid and your personal lines of the planets, with a propositions of practical, non-invasive improvements.


90 min
Floor plan
Practical tips
Personal yantras

Vastu Chat

Vastu Guidance

During this 60-minute session, you will get my full attention and you are free to ask as many questions as you want regarding your home and Vastu Shastra. One session lasts 60 minutes, but you can always reserve more time if you wish. Note: if you would like to get a detailed analysis of your home, we recommend that you prepare a floor plan so that our discussion can be more productive.


60 min
Practical tips