siddhagandharvayakṣādyairasurairamarairapi |
sevyamānā sadā bhūyāt siddhidā siddhidāyinī ||
On Navami tithi in Devi paksha, ninth and the last night of Navaratri, Goddess comes to us in the form of Ma Siddhidhatri. In this form the Mother comes to us as the giver of boons, achievements, success, prosperity, spiritual power and siddhis to fulfill our deepest wishes and complete the cycle. This last form of Goddess Parashakti, even if considered to be one of the Navadurgas, is, in reality, also a form of Mother Lakshmi as revealed by our Gurudev. It is quite interesting to notice that the last of the Navadurgas, as well as the last of the Mahavidyas (Kamalatmika) represents the qualities of Mother Lakshmi. It is because Mother Lakshmi herself represents the final achievement. This is why even Her name is derived from the word “lakshya” meaning “a goal”. In this form Divine Mother reminds us to wisely choose our goals, motivations and priorities in life, as She is ever ready to bless us with anything we ask for – and therefore it is essential that we ask for things, which are benefiting all and which are benevolent in nature, like She is.
Interestingly, birth nakshatra of Mother Lakshmi is Uttara Phalguni. Uttara Phalguni nakshatra also starts the sign of Virgo or Kanya rashi in sidereal zodiac. The shakti or the power of Uttara Phalguni nakshatra is chayani shakti or “the power of choice”. Like Mother Lakshmi, who since the very moment of Her manifestation knew well, what She wants in life and straight away after appearing from the ocean of milk approached Lord Vishnu and chose Him as Her Supreme Beloved, so She is reminding us to wisely choose and consider, what is our true goal in life. If we ask for limited things, of course She will give them to us. But why to ask for something that has a limit, if She can bless us with the Limitless?