ekaveṇī japākarṇapūra nagnā kharāsthitā |
lamboṣṭhī karṇikākarṇī tailābhyaktaśarīriṇī ||
vāmapādollasallohalatākaṇṭakabhūṣaṇā |
vardhanamūrdhvajā kṛśṇā kālarātrirbhayaṅkarī ||
On Saptami tithi in Devi paksha, seventh night of Navaratri, Goddess comes to us in the form of Kalaratri – the one, who destroys the darkness of our ignorance through confronting us with our fears and our shadow self. Goddess Kalaratri, at first, might not look as “pretty” as the previous forms of the Goddess – because She represents all the things within ourselves or in the outer world we do not wish to look at, and we instinctively turn our gaze away from. This is why She is worshipped on Saptami, tithi governed by Shani. And this is why this seventh night of Navaratri always happens with Moon either in Jyeshtha or Mula – two transformative, fierce, gandanta nakshatras, the closest points to our galactic center, supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy. Similarly Mother Kalaratri is completely black in this fierce form and challenges us to look with courage into our own void and darkness – because, as long as we don’t even dare to accept our own weaknesses, fears and limitations, our own shadow self, we won’t have power to overcome them either.

Yet, even though Mother is fierce in this form, Her dark complexion also reveals the depth of Her compassion. All the colours, eventually, merge into black colour.

Similarly, Divine Mother in this form absorbs all our colors, all our moods, all our impurities like a black hole and accepts us the way we are – along with our dark side. When we have the courage to face our own shadow self, this is when we start to understand the depth of Her compassion – and when we automatically become more compassionate towards others, too.

During this particular Navaratri seventh night of Goddess Kalaratri is going to be really special. Not only it is happening this year with Saptami Moon in Mula nakshatra, but Moon will be also in tight conjuction with Saturn, the tithi lord of this lunar day. It will be potentially the most transformative day of all Navaratri nights. Goddess Kalaratri will assume Her fierce form and will try to push as with full force towards transformation, unrooting outdated beliefs, facing our fears, looking truth in the eyes and going beyond our limitations. A very powerful time for sadhana and letting go of the past.