hinasti daityatejāṁsi svanenāpūrya yā jagat |
sā ghaṇṭa pātu no devi pāpebhyo ‘naḥ sutāniva ||
On Tritiya tithi in Devi paksha, second night of Navaratri, Goddess comes to us in the form of Ma Chandraghanta – the one, who removes the negativity of our inner demons with the power of sacred sound of her bell. As Shailaputri, Goddess helped us to find more stability and healthy grounding in life, as well as to overcome our pride, which is connected to purification of muladhara chakra. As Brahmacharini, Devi helps us to control our desires and make our sankalpa (resolution), which are the qualities of svadhishthana chakra. As Chandraghanta, Devi helps us to fight our inner negativity and take action, which is connected to manipura chakra.
Chandra means “Moon”, while ghanta means “bell”. It is said that Ma Durga received this name, after Lord Indra gave Her a silver bell, which Devi later used in the war against the demons, to confuse them with its sound. Similarly, the sound of a bell during the puja dispells the negativity of the mind and confuses our inner demons, by reminding our mind to always stay present in the moment. It is a wake up call for our consciousness and to always stay attentive and alert against our inner enemies. Devi Chandraghanta reminds us all, that in the present moment we always have a choice: succumb to your weaknesses or rise above them.