dadhānā karapadmābhyāmakṣamālā kamaṇḍalū |
devī prasīdatu mayi brahmacāriṇyanuttamā ||
On Dvitiya tithi in Devi paksha, second night of Navaratri, Goddess comes to us in the form Brahmacharini – the one, who did severe tapasya to please Lord Shiva and become His wife. In this humble form, Devi is reminding us that everyone needs to make one’s effort in life, be it on material level or spiritual level – because this very effort cleanses our soul from old samskaras and makes us progress in life. Devi in this form reminds us that in fact our entire life is tapasya and should be perceived as such, without making big drama about all the ups and downs we experience in life – but rather enduring the difficulties with dignity and perceiving them as a sacrifice, which cleanses our consciousness and brings us closer to our Cosmic Beloved.

Goddess Brahmcharini, dressed in white robes and remaining in celibacy before Her marriage with Lord Shiva, also stands for the inherent purity and innocence of our soul.

She is the one that reminds us that if we renounce the burden of past regrets, thoughts, beliefs, habits and vices, our consciousness can regain its inner purity and inborn wisdom – and we can experience more freedom and guidance in our actions, efforts and relations. Because this very purity and willigness to change is the basis of all love, compassion and forgiveness.

Devi Brahmacharini also reminds us of the necessity of spiritual practice or sadhana in our lives – as without daily sadhana, our lives, lacking the touch of Divine presence, become empty. Being connected tp svadhishthana chakra or our sacral chakra, Goddess in this form also teaches us how to regain our inner spiritual power by controlling our desires and clenase our consciousness daily with the power of meditation, so our inner wisdom can arise.