“The unborn Lord has many incarnations. He has incarnated, as the 9 grahas to bestow on the living beings the results due to their karmas. He is Janardana. He assumed the auspicious form of Grahas (planets) to destroy the demons (evil forces) and sustain the Divine beings (souls).”
– Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
“From Surya the incarnation of Rama. From Chandra that of Krishna. From Mangal that of Narasimha. From Budha that of Buddha. From Guru that of Vamana. From Shukra that of Parashuram. From Shani that of Kurma. From Rahu that of Varaha. And from Ketu that of Mina. All other incarnations than these also are through the Grahas.”
– Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
Vishnu, God in his life-sustaining and all-pervasive aspect, is the only one among the trinity of Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer, whose mythology is so rich and whose many avatars, Divine incarnations, appeared so many times in our earthly realm to teach some valuable lessons and uplift the collective consciousness of all people. Each of the ten main avatars of Lord Vishnu represents a particular stage of consciousness or evolution, as well as one of the nine primordial energies through which the entirety of life experience is manifested – perceived in Vedic Astrology as Navagrahas or nine planets.
For Vedic Astrologer knowing the stories of these Divine avatars or incarnations of Lord Vishnu is a must – because each of the major incarnations of Lord Vishnu teaches us something imortant about one of the nine planets. And not only that. It teaches us more about us. It teaches us more about the nature of God. And it teaches us more about life itself. And whenever any of the grahas is causing any trouble to you, you can easily call one of the manifestation of Divine Sustainer for help.


Call them whenever you experience a trouble from the graha connected to them. Read their stories to know the better.
Matsya avatar

When you feel lost and hopeless in the deep waters of existence, call Him as Matsya (Ketu) and He will bless you with the power of guidance – and teach you how to trust Him during the dark night of the soul.

om namo bhagavate matsya devaya

Kurma avatar

When you feel that you lose your sense of stability during the time of transformation, call Him as Kurma (Saturn) and He will bless you with endurance and patience – and teach you to depend more on Him.

om namo bhagavate kurma devaya

Varaha avatar

When you feel submerged in the ocean of material existence, overpowered by the gravity of Maya, call Him as Varaha (Rahu) and He will uplift you – and teach you how to find balance and rise above earthly vibrations.

om namo bhagavate varaha devaya

Narasimha Avatar

When you feel scared or powerless in front of your internal or external enemies, call Him as Narasimha (Mars) and He will protect you – and teach you how to awaken inner strength and power of resistance.

om namo bhagavate narasimhaya

Vamana Avatar

When you feel small and overpowered by your weaknesses, call Him as Vamana (Jupiter) and He will expand the horizons of your consciousness – and teach you to remember that He is bigger than any of your worries.

om namo bhagavate vamana devaya

Parashurama Avatar

When you feel too weak to conquer your desires, call Him as Parashurama (Venus) and He will kill all of them at their very root, along with their “lineage” – and teach you to have no mercy or self-pity towards your own weaknesses.

om namo bhagavate parashuramaya

Rama Avatar

When you are in difficult situation and it seems very hard to remain true to your values and ideals, call Him as Rama (Sun) and He will bless you with the power of integrity – and teach you how to lead your life in harmony with Divine laws.

om namo bhagavate ramachandraya

Krishna Avatar

When you are broken-hearted, call Him as Krishna (Moon), the Divine Friend and He will heal your wounds you with unconditional love – and teach you how to take life less seriously and enjoy each of its moments.

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

Buddha Avatar

When you find it impossible to control your mind and remain calm, call Him as Buddha (Mercury) and He will bless you with Divine peace – and teach you how to have some distance towards your own mind.

om namo bhagavate buddha devaya

Kalki Avatar

And when you are ready to surrender your mind and ego completely to him, along with all its impurities, call Him as Kalki (Lagna) and He will remove, what needs to be removed so the new beginning can come.

om namo bhagavate kalki devaya


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