Learn the language of the youniverse.

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Ancient Knowledge

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science given by sages and yogis. We aim to provide this sacred knowledge to you directly from the scriptures as much as we can.

Practical Use

What is the use of any knowledge if it is not practical? Our main focus is to make the ancient science of Vedic Astrology as applicable as possible.

Holistic Approach

Astrology, without the knowledge of psychology and other branches of science, is often incomplete. We aim to approach this science holistically in order to give you a full picture.

Tools for Self-growth

You will find here not only theoretical knowledge, but also tools for personal transformation to help you heal and transform your own youniverse.


Tune in.

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Get to know us.

Here you can learn more about our work and some Vedic Astrology basics here – for free.


Books that take you on a spiritual journey.

With our Guru’s blessings, years of spiritual practices and researching into ancient scriptures, as well as our personal discoveries, we are constantly inspired to write in order to share this sacred knowledge with you. All our books are carefully crafted, beautifully designed and filled with rare secrets of Vedic Astrology and Vastu that you will not find anywhere else.


Celestial departments.

Nakshatras are lunar mansions from the stellar matrix behind the zodiac signs, and each of them reflects the quality of a different deity. They also represent different Divine qualities and different stages of the soul’s journey towards self-discovery. They are the key to understanding who you truly are and what is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Pick any nakshatra that you would like to learn more about.


Mood of the Moon.

Lunar phases, also known as tithi in Vedic Astrology, can tell more about you than you think. Your unique birth tithi not only reveals your deeper emotional make-up, but also tells a lot about how you receive things in relationships, in the sphere of finances, in spirituality and in life. It can also tell how one copes with challenging situations in life. Pick a tithi that you would like to learn more about.