“You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”
A popular Indian tale narrates how butteflies came into being. When Brahma created the world, along with all its plants and animals, he had also brought into being one little creature of unquenched hunger – a caterpillar. It gave it all the leafs and flowers to eat. But when Brahma has looked upon his world one day and seen all its plants completely devastated, he was enraged. When he realised that the culprit was his own creature, a little, innocent looking caterpillar, he cursed it to become motionless like a stone, so it continues to exist in this frozen state, surrounded by plants, but without ability to satisfy its hunger. But after seeing the pitiable state of caterpillar and realising, that, after all, it is his own creation and that he himself gave it an unquenchable hunger, Brahma decided to take responsibility and he modified his curse to last only for a few days – and to make every caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly after the period of complete stillness.
The transformation of caterpillar into butterfly represents every soul’s journey of freeing itself from worldly limitations and petty desires, and realising its true potential. It is a journey of self-liberation, which allows us to discover new dimensions of life.

Butterfly also represents our ephemeral hopes and wishes, as well as our soul’s inborn desire to express itself creatively and to be free from all limitations. Yet, this desire itself, if not paired with realistic approach, can sometimes make us a bit ungrounded and immature. This is why the message of butterfly, matches a lot with the message of etheric Punarvasu nakshatra, presided by Mother of gods, Aditi, who birthed everything into being and who blesses us with vasutva prapanna shakti or the power to give substance or form to our creative ideas.


Certain nimittas appear to us in exact moments in time and communicate to us similar lessons like certain planets or nakshatras. The lessons from the butterfly are similar to:
Nakshatras: Ashwini, Mrigashira, Punarvasu
Tithis: jaya tithis: Tritiya (3), Ashtami (8) and Trayodashi (13)
Sun’s placement: Tvashtar Aditya (Sun in Aquarius or 11th house)
Grahas: Jupiter, Rahu


Find your freedom

In almost every culture butterfly symbolises the liberating power of soul. If butterfly comes your way, it always communicates to you that it is time to free yourself from your limiting beliefs – and it is time to start thinking out of the box. It is time to free your mind and your creative potential.

Do not resist the change

For a butterfly, metamorphosis is inevitable. Its transformation from crawling caterpillar into a beautiful, flying creature, was perceived a symbol of spiritual evolution, rebirth and liberation. There might be some positive changes waiting for you – but you must firstly let go of some of your old attachments.

What is stopping you from realising your true potential?

Through butterflies, creative side of your soul is communicating to you, that it is time to express your ideas into the world and make your dreams come true – for real. Ask yourself, what is really stopping you from manifesting the best version of life and the bets version of yourself?

Do not belittle yourself

Butterflies come to remind you that you are a beautiful spiritual being, a miniature of Divine creator – and that there is no need to diminish your value or doubt your worth. If butterfly comes your way, it might be your soul communicating to you that you are capable of much more than you think.

Be more in the present moment

Butterflies live only for few days – yet they enjoy each and every moment of their short life. Butterfly may come your way to inspire you to be more present in the moment and learn how to enjoy small things in life. Their appearance may also indicate that it is time to act fast in the moment.

Too carefree or too serious?

Have you been too carefree or ungrounded recently? Or, opposite – where you taking life too seriously? Butterflies come into your life to inspire you to find the right balance between lightness and grounding, freedom and responsibility, creative thinking and being aware of your limits, and ultimately – optimism and realistic approach.

Making your hopes come true

Butterfly is also a symbol of our ephemeral hopes and wishes. Are you recently spending too much time in your imagination and thinking “what, if…”? Butterfly comes to inspire you to choose your dreams wisely and to make your effort to manifest them in real life. Think big, but stay realistic.

Don’t be too restless

Are you feeling recently that you are constantly on search, but can never really find? Have you felt that the restless energy of ether element is too exaggerated in you recently and you keep doing to many things at the same time, but never really achieving anything? Butterfly comes to remind you, that he became so beautiful only after a period of silence and being motionless. You may find your answers in stillness, too.

Have you missed some important detail?

Butterfly may also come into your life to remind you of Brahma’s mistake, who by his own creative power of imagination created a difficult situation. Perhaps you have forgotten to take some important factor into consideration while planning how to make your dreams come true? Remember, realistic approach is a part of responsibility.


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