Five-pointed star is a symbol of watery Venus and its power to regenerate, create and manifest anything into life.
We will find five-pointed star in the yantra or mystical diagram of healing aspect of Lord Shiva (Mrityunjaya yantra or “death-defeating diagram”), as well as in the middle of the yantra of Vishwakarma or Tvashtar, the Divine Architect. And no wonder – five-pointed star is an ancient symbol of interconnectedness of five elements, five primary forces of nature or Prakriti. Interestingly enough, in the arms of five-pointed star the golden ratio itself is encoded, which is literally the code of nature. Everything in the natural world is based on golden ratio, which is the original code of Tvashtar, Divine Architect and the master designer of life. Tvashtar himself is often addressed as “golden-hued” and five-headed.
Starfish is the symbol of Divine creativity, Divine power of manifestation and Divine power of healing. It comes your way to remind you, that you already have all the power within you to manifest anything you wish in your life, to heal yourself or even to create a miracle. With its arms stretching in all directions it reminds you to embrace the fullness of life and reach beyond the limitation of five senses. Cut it in half, two starfish will grow – similarly no matter how many difficulties you may have experienced in your life, you always remain a whole. Starfish is a very auspicious omen, which signifies that soon you will become whole again.


Certain nimittas appear to us in exact moments in time and communicate to us similar lessons like certain planets or nakshatras. The lessons from the starfish are similar to:
Nakshatras: Citra
Tithis: Shashti (6)
Sun’s placement: Tvashtar Aditya (Sun in Aquarius or 11th house)
Grahas: Venus


Power of regeneration

Starfish, being one of the only creatures, which are able to re-grow their amputated limbs, as well as being in its symbolism so strongly connected to healing aspect of Venus, may come your way to remind you, that you need to give your body more time to rejuvenate. Don’t be afraid to take some extra time to heal from your wounds. Give yourself some extra care and allow your body to regenerate. Starfish also comes your way to remind you that you have all the power in your hands to heal any situation.


In the times of regeneration, it becomes very important to conserve your life force and choose wisely which activities you wish to spend your energy on. Interestingly starfish are one of the few beings, who are capable of reproduction both through cloning and sexual contact – but it seems that they age faster, when they reproduce through sexual contact. If starfish comes your way, it may be a powerful sign to conserve your life force to enhance the deeper healing processes in the present moment.


Star of the sea, even though it cannot see nor hear, it represents with its 5 tentacles our five senses – and reaching beyond them. Similarly like starfish is stretching its tentacles to embrace all life and reaches to feel all that it can, it is time for you to reach beyond your senses and feel other dimensions of life. It is also a silent indicator that it is time for you to follow your heart and intuition more than the perception of the mind.


Starfish also tries to inspire you to embrace life a little bit more and to welcome all its experiences with open arms. Starfish may come your way to teach you about the necessity to stretch your arms with love to meet new people and new challenges, as well as to forgive the past. It teaches you to connect more, be more empathic, compassionate and loving – both towards yourself and others.

Expect miracles

Starfish are also strongly associated with miracles and magic. After all, the arm of five-pointed star does not only symbolise the power of five elements and five types of desire, but is also a base of sacred geometry and golden angle, which brings everything into life. Prepare for miracles to enter your life. Universe gives you the sign that you are the architect of your life and you can manifest anything you truly wish for – but choose your wishes wisely.


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