Some of the most powerful omens sometimes appear in our dream, as per the Puranas. In Vedic Astrology it is Moon that represents our dreams. But what does it mean, when you dream about the Moon itself?
Dreaming about the Moon (similarly like about the Sun) is recognised as one of the most powerful omens in the Puranas. Moon, the main significator of our capacity to reflect the light of our soul and intelligence (Sun) into the world, represents in dreams our peace of mind, image, fame and prosperity.
But not every dream of the Moon is considered a good omen. Similarly like in Vedic Astrology, Moon must be in a good state in our dream in order to become a good nimitta. Afflicted Moon wil come into our dream to warn us about upcoming troubles. But whenever Moon enters your dream, you might be sure the reason is very important.
Always see, what was the phase of the Moon, its nakshatra and its overal state after dreaming about the Moon – it will give you some additional details and hints about the meaning of a dream.


Certain nimittas appear to us in exact moments in time and communicate to us similar lessons like certain planets or nakshatras. The lessons from the Moon are similar to:
Nakshatras: Rohini, Mrigashira
Tithis: Dvitiya (2) and Dashami (10)
Sun’s placement: Varuna Aditya (Sun in Cancer or in 4th house)
Grahas: Moon


Rising or falling Moon

When Moon visibly rises in you dream above the horizon, this is one of the most auspicious dreams you can ever get, as per Puranas It signifies that soon you might get promotion, rise to a higher position or social status, and your fame, good name and prosperity will increase. But when the Moon is falling beyond the horizon it is proportionatelly one of the worst dreams, signifying fall that will soon come into your life and potential decrease of wealth, fame and reputation.

Waxing or waning Moon

If the Moon is waxing or visibly increase its volume and light in your dream, the significance of it will be very similar like of rising Moon. When it waning, the significance will be very similar like of falling Moon.

Big Moon or small Moon

Depending on how big Moon appears in your dreams, this is how big event it is going to symbolise. If it is very big and at the same time rising, full of light and lustre, without any blemishes, the increase of good fortune is sure to happen very soon. If appears small, though, then it might be a smaller and temporary increase of good luck.

Bright Moon or Dark Moon

The Moon, which is full of light and shines bright symbolises increase of good reputation and prosperity. Dark Moon, on the other hand, represents times of transformations or even some endings and death ahead. Moon, which is full of blemishes may symbolise loss of good reputation.

Chandra darshan

If you dream about very thin, crescent Moon, resembling the Moon as seen for the first time after the New Moon (Chandra darshan day), especially when you dream about it during some other lunar phase, it tells you that some new beginnings or unexpected good events or good news will enter your life soon. It might also mean that somebody, who was away, will return soon.

Disappearing Moon

If you see that Moon disappears on the sky in your dream, it came here to tell you that it is already too late to try to accomplish something, which you wanted. If you dream about it while being sick, it might warn you that your health will become worse soon.

Lunar eclipse

If you are dreaming about lunar eclipse that means that some major transformations are entering your life. A woman dreaming about lunar eclipse may also feel overshadowed by a dominant men in her life or may find it hard to express the feminine, creative and intuitive part of herself


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