Indragni, the unified power of our prana, the life force (Indra) and focused will power (Agni), ignites within us a spark of inspiration, motivation and ambition. It is also known as Indrani or Shakti.
– Rig Veda, translation of Dr. Tulsi Ram M.A., Ph.D. and Swami Dayananda
Indragni, presiding over Vishakha nakshatra, is a dual Vedic deity, which combines and unites the qualities of Indra (representing our life force, as well as our soul) and Agni (inner fire of will power). The forces of Indra and Agni uniting in Vishakha nakshatra awaken within us the power of devotion, determination and ambition to move forward and progress. That is why the shakti of this lunar mansion is vyapana shakti or the power to penetrate through all things. It is one of the most passionate and devotional nakshatras.
The deity of Vishakha nakshatra is sometimes also addressed as Indrani, the consort of Indra, known also as Shachi, who is the Vedic personification of Adishakti, primordial feminine force. She is compared to a lightening and brings into our awareness the striking light of inspiration. On esoteric level she represents Kundalini shakti herself. Indrani was also known as a very short-tempered Goddess of wrath and jealousy, which is why we all may have a tendency to be a bit impulsive, when Moon dwells in this lunar mansion – and which is why sensitive Moon is debilitated here.
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Devata: Indragni (Indra and Agni together) or Indrani (consort of Indra)
Shakti: vyapana shakti – power to penetrate
Basis above: yokes
Basis below: crops
Desire: to gain the greatest splendour among gods
Planetary ruler: Jupiter


Placement: 20:00 Libra – 3:20 Scorpio (air, tamas / water tamas)
Yogatara: 21:00 Libra (1 pada)
Saturn’s exaltation: 20:00 Libra (1 pada)
Moon’s debilitation: 3:00 Scorpio (4 pada)
Pushkaramsha: 2 and 4 pada
Pushkara bhaga: 24:00 Libra (2 pada)
Ashtamamsha: 2 pada
Visha nadi:23:06:40 – 24:00 Libra (2 pada)
Amrita nadi: 28:22:40 – 29:16 Libra (3 pada)


Tattwa: fire
Gunas: tamas – sattwa – rajas
Nature: mishra (mixed)
Gaze: adho-mukha (downward facing)
Gana: rakshasa (demon)
Varna: mleccha (outcaste)
Gender: neutral
Motivation: dharma (righteousness)


Animal: male tiger
Symbol: lightening, branch, archway

Omens: archway, branch, fork, trident, branched things, split things, split road, swallow, lightening, tiger, storm, foreign visitor, fire, electricity, temple of Lord Kartikeya


Tridosha: kapha
Body part: arms, breasts
Chakra: manipura (solar plexus chakra)

Healing tree: nagakesara


Sunday: mrityu yoga
Monday: yamaghanta yoga
Tuesday: nasha yoga
Wednesday: amrita yoga
Thursday: shubha yoga
Friday: nasha yoga
Saturday: shubha yoga


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