Vayu, the wind-god, gives us speed and inspiration to progress in life. In the microcosm of our body he manifests as prana, life-breath itself.
– Rig Veda, translation of Dr. Tulsi Ram M.A., Ph.D. and Swami Dayananda
Vayu is a swift god of wind, who is constant movement. Penetrating through everything, he constantly changes his form. He speeds up all things, spreads his influence in all directions and scatters everything to make space for something new, so progress can happen. Vayu is also addressed in the Vedas as “the giver of stormy inspiration and motivation”. Such is also the nature of Swati nakshatra. It inspires our mind to move forward and discover new horizons. Dwelling at the heart of airy Libra, original seventh house, Swati nakshatra also supports us in all types of energy exchange, like trade, negotiations and mediations.
Yet, exaggerated energy of air element, can sometimes also make us overly distracted and multitasking, doing ten things at the same time. Swati nakshatra and Vayu himself represent this unrestrained, impulsive creativity and spark of inspiration. This is why the consort of Vayu is known as Bharati or Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, creative arts and inspiration. We must remember, though, that creativity, if unrestrained, can also lead to lack of accomplishment. When Moon dwells in Swati nakshatra it can easily make our attention too scattered around and therefore incapable to truly complete any task.
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Devata: Vayu (wind god)
Shakti: pradhvamsa shakti – power to scatter things like the wind
Basis above: spreading, movement in different directions
Basis below: non-accomplishment, changing form
Desire: to have the freedom to move as I wish in the world
Planetary ruler: Rahu


Placement: 6:40 – 20:00 Libra (air, tamas)
Yogatara: 0:00 Libra (outside nakshatra)
Mulatrikona of Venus: 00:00 -15:00 Libra (1, 2 and 3 pada)
Saturn’s exaltation: 20:00 Libra (4 pada)
Pushkaramsha: 4 pada
Visha nadi: 9:46:40 – 10:40 Libra (1 and 2 pada)
Amrita nadi: 15:02:40 – 15:56 Libra (3 pada)


Tattwa: air
Gunas: tamas – tamas – sattwa
Nature: chara (movable)
Gaze: tiryanga-mukha (level facing)
Gana: deva (godlike)
Varna: butcher
Gender: female
Motivation: artha (accumulation)


Animal: male buffalo
Symbol: sword, shoot of a plant, blade of grass, coral, priest

Omens: wind blowing, white banner, deer, disturbed breath, agitated heartbeat, fast vehicle, sword, shoot of a plant, blade of grass, coral, priest, brahmin, buffalo, restlessness, radio, travelling, gossip


Tridosha: kapha
Body part: intestines, chest
Chakra: manipura (solar plexus chakra)

Healing tree: arjuna


Monday: amrita yoga
Tuesday: amrita yoga
Wednesday: amrita yoga
Thursday: amrita yoga
Friday: siddha yoga + mrityu yoga
Saturday: sarvartha siddhi yoga


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