Tvashtar, Divine architect and maker and revealer of all forms, inspires us to take our life and destiny into our hands and to mould our future with our efforts.
– Rig Veda, translation of Dr. Tulsi Ram M.A., Ph.D. and Swami Dayananda
Tvashtar, the Divine Architect and creator of all forms, inspires us to take shape our own destiny with our hands and efforts. Being a presiding deity of Citra nakshatra, the most tamasic of all lunar mansions, he teaches us how to taken even darkest or most difficult experience and turn it into something beautiful – in the same way how oyster turns an irritating grain of sand into a precious pearl. Citra nakshatra blesses us with skill to bring something beautiful and profound even out of seeming chaos. But it can also sometimes awaken inside of us a false feeling of ego or “I am the doer”, which may lead to disconnection from the Divine.
“Citra nakshatra is addressed as “human brick” in Taittiriya Brahmana. Each of our actions is a brick in the sacrificial altar, which we are building ourselves. Yet, what do we sacrifice on this altar, which bricks or deeds do we use to build it from, and what is our objective behind that, is what makes all the difference. Citra nakshatra is also said to give the one the power to rise to heavens – because, if we build our metaphoric sacrificial altars carefully, with good deeds, and with attitude of detachment, our soul can easily reach higher realms.”

Twelve Vedic Suns

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Devata: Tvashtar (Divine Architect)
Shakti: punya cayani shakti – power to accumulate good merit
Basis above: law
Basis below: truth
Desire: to have good progeny
Planetary ruler: Mars


Placement: 23:20 Virgo – 6:40 Libra (earth, tamas / air, tamas)
Yogatara: 29:55 Virgo (2 pada)
Vargottama: 2 and 3 pada
Debilitation of Venus:27:00 Virgo (2 pada)
Mulatrikona of Venus: 0:00 – 15:00 Libra (3 and 4 pada)
Sun’s debilitation: 3:00 Libra (3 pada)
Mrityu bhaga: 4:00 Libra (4 pada)
Visha nadi: 27:46:40 – 28:40 Virgo (2 pada)
Amrita nadi: 03:06:40 – 4:00 Libra (3/4 pada)
Yogatara of Swati: 0:00 Libra (2/3 pada)


Tattwa: air
Gunas: tamas – tamas – tamas
Nature: mridu (soft)
Gaze: tiryanga-mukha (level facing)
Gana: rakshasa (demon)
Varna: shudra (worker)
Gender: female
Motivation: kama (fulfilment)


Animal: female tiger
Symbol: pearl, jewel

Omens: pearl, jewel, beautiful building, tiger, brick, havan, colorful thing, yantra, pattern, painting, photo, piece of art, jewellery, car, pregnant woman


Tridosha: pitta
Body part: forehead, neck
Chakra: anahata (heart chakra)

Healing tree: bilwa


Monday: dagdha yoga + nasha yoga
Tuesday: amrita yoga
Wednesday: amrita yoga
Friday: siddha yoga
Saturday: mrityu yoga + kana yoga


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