“Amrit is in the Waters; in the Waters, there is a healing balm.”
– Rigveda
Water is praised in the Vedas as the giver of life, the source of healing and source of soma – “the juice of life”, which represents our deep feeling of fulfillment, joy and bliss. In our inner universe water element represents our emotions, feeling of abundance and optimism, fertility (metaphorically and literally), ability to love and general feeling of flow in life – qualities connected with our sacral chakra (svadhishthana).
The quality of water element in our life is read in our birth chart through the tithi, lunar phase, during which we were born. And no wonder that ancient rishis presecribed this exact part of Panchang to water element: it is the Moon, after all, which has the greatest impact on the water on our planet. Whenever the Moon is full, all waters become more abundant and disturbed – while during New Moon they are naturally more suppressed and calm.
As our body is made in 65% of water, lunar phases have enormous influence on our consciousness, body, mind and emotions – the same way how Moon affects the water in nature.
Changing phases of the Moon influence even the chakras in our energy body and our breathing pattern. Above all, however, the lunar phase ruling on our day of birth, is leaving a permanent blueprint in our consciousness and determines our emotional patterns.

Understanding tithis in one’s birth chart is understanding how the flow of emotions in our consciousness alternates certain influences in our birth chart.

Even though it is a very rarely used tool in Vedic Astrology (we all tend to naturally underestimate the power of emotions, isn’t it), you can get amazing insights into the chart of the native, just by analysing it from the perspective of tithi lord, tithi rashi or tithi kshetra. And sometimes with the help of the tithi and true undertanding of lunar phase in a birth chart, you can read much more about native’s happiness, financial flow, joy in relationships, peace of mind and emotional health, than you would do without it.
If the flow of water or soma is disturbed in a birth chart and in our life in anyway, we might find it very hard to evolve and grow in life. But, no worries – there are ways to heal it.


If your Moon, Venus or tithi are afflicted in your birth chart, you will experience difficulties with finding peace of mind, sense of fulfillment, happy relationships and abundance in life. Here are few practical ways how you can raise the vibrations of water element in your birth chart and in your life.

Keep a glass of water (or, ideally, in a silver pot) on the moonlight, on the exact lunar day you were born. Look at the Moon and make a short prayer, as well as ask for permission to receive some of its healing rays. You might also like to say some specific intention, affirmation or mantra to the water. Keep this water with yourself throughout the month and use a few drops, whenever you need to bring a bit more balance or a better flow into your mind and emotions.


Unfortunately, due to the clouds, it is not always possible to see the Moon and energize your water in that way. However, each lunar day also has its presiding Goddess – and each of these Goddesses has a yantra, too. Everyday you can place a glass of water on your personal tithi yantra to energise it and harmonise your own emotional blueprint. You can find the stencils of all the tithi yantras in “Journey with the Moon”.


There is no better way to heal the water element within you than by connecting to the exact form of the Divine Mother or Nitya Devi, which IS presiding over your lunar day – as it automatically heals the Moon within you. (You can find all the Goddesses and their mantras in “Journey with the Moon”, too.) Meditation with the Goddess presiding over your lunar day is a very powerful remedy.


And there is no better way to connect with your Goddess than by chanting Her mantra or colouring Her specific yantra. Yantras of Nitya Devis, with their sacred geometry, will help to restore your inner balance, as well as will allow you to manifest the positive qualities of water element, such as love, abundance and flow, more effortlessly. You will find all the stencils in “Journey with the Moon”.


Northeast direction enhances the healing properties of water and all the herbs according to Vastu Shastra. You might also like to make sure that Northeast of your apartment or house is as spacious, empty and full of light as possible.


Do not underestimate this simple remedy. If your water element needs some improvement, this is the first thing you might like to do. Support absorbing water in your body by adding some aloe vera juice or coconut water. Drink more around New Moon time!

If you wish to learn more about tithis and their subtle, yet powerful influence, on the changing waters of our mind and emotions, you will find all the information you are looking for in the only book written about tithis from Vedic astrology perspective: “Journey with the Moon”.

Journey with the Moon”is more than 330 pages, including meditations, affirmations and mantras prescribed for specific tithis, predictive techniques involving tithis (such as Kalachakra) and stencils of 15 yantras prescribed for each tithi. It is the first ever such a detailed book about the lunar days used in Vedic astrology.


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