Vijaya Devi is a victorious Goddess. Confident and kind in nature, She makes us win in all our endeavours and inspires us to make our effort towards achieving things in life.
Vijaya Devi is a victorious Goddess of twelfth lunar day. After the inner battle happening within us on Ekadashi tithi, Vijaya Devi brings us victory and success on Dvadashi. Whenever we fast or pray intensely with some intention on Ekadashi tithi, Dvadashi tithi is the day, on which we are going to see the results of our prayers. In Krishna paksha the Sun and the Moon would form a golden angle in one moment of Dvadashi tithi (360:222.5), as well as they would be 42 degrees apart, which is in nature necessary to form a rainbow – known in mythology as a bridge between heaven and earth.
Goddess Vijaya stands for success and makes one succeed in everything. She also gives us the power to win any battle in life, internal or external, and good results in whatever we do. She is often approached to win the battle, win in debate or success in trade. She makes everything successful and auspicious. In Tantraraja it is said that a person who worships Her and Her yantra, becomes happy and successful in every way. This is also one of the reasons, why Dvadashi natives generally do not like to lose in life.
It is said that Goddess Vijaya assumes fierce form during the day, while She is more benevolent during the night, which is Her very special feature. During the day Goddess Vijaya is more oriented on victory and focuses more on external side of things, while during the night time She becomes more benevolent and blesses Her natives with eloquence, as well as power to learn. This also reminds us that whenever we are studying tithis, we should always pay attention, whether the person is born during the daytime or during the night-time, as the strength of the Moon will be different in both cases. This seems to be especially important for Dvadashi tithi. Perhaps it is because it is co-ruled by Mercury, closest planet to the Sun. Indeed, Mercury, being a neutral planet, can be very benevolent in nature, but quite severe, as well, depending on the conditions he is undergoing in an exact moment in time.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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