On Shashti tithi Moon in the form of Goddess Vajreshwari gives us the necessary energy to give form to our dreams and make our ideas tangible and stable in the external world.
Goddess Vajreshwari is the first of the five goddesses connected to guna of tamas, while Her element is fire and planetary lord Venus. She represents the fullness of svapna or dreaming state of consciousness, giving us capacity not only to dream, but also to build our dreams, to give them a stable form in material world; to stop for a moment ever-moving energy of rajas and build something, which will stay strong and unmovable for a long time: like a house. Not without a reason She is also a Goddess, who supports us in the sciences of Jyotish and Vastu shastra.
Goddess Vajreshwari gives us strength, confidence and determination to follow our dreams and manifest them in the outer world. Confidence is one of Her biggest blessings. People born on Goddess Vajreshwari’s day, Shashti tithi, can often be very stubborn – in a positive or negative way. They might be a bit inflexible, too. Yet, their adamantness always leads them towards fulfillment of their dreams. They have an enormous capacity to realise their ideas in the world, and they won’t let go of them easily, no matter how many times they will fail or how many sacrifices they will need to make in order to achieve their goal.
Vajra means “hard, adamant, cemented, impenetrable” or “a diamond”. Similarly, Goddess Vajreshwari is making all things stable, hard, strong, tangible and “cemented”. After Panchami tithi, when Goddess Vahnivasini gave us Divine inspiration and creativity, on Shashti, Goddess in the form of Vajreshwari gives us strength and power to realise all our ideas on material level and to find within ourselves the power to do so. Panchami tithi stands for conception and all the love and creativity behind conceiving anything, while Shashti tithi stands for birth and making something real and tangible. This is why Shashti tithi is considered to be a very auspicious day, when it comes to dealing with real estate or building. Even the syllable of Sri Vidya mantra connected to Goddess Vajreshwari is ha, denoting space or breath, while yogini associated with Her is Rupa-karshini – “the one attracting all forms”. Similarly Goddess Vajreshwari blesses us with the power to give a form to our dreams and manifest the reality. Bhavanopanishad indentifies Her with mahat tattwa – manifested form of the Divine and Goddess presiding over totality of material energy. That is the main difference between creativity of Panchami tithi and creativity of Shashti tithi: Panchami tithi and Goddess Vahnivasini focus more on the idea itself, while Shashti tithi and Goddess Vajreshwari focus on giving actual form to something. But this is also why Shashti tithi natives might be sometimes a bit overly focused on the surface of things or on reality which can be perceived just by the senses.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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