God comes into our life in many forms. Saptami tithi inpires us to see a Divine messenger in everybody and every life situation, and gives us the courage to break through the patterns of our old samskaras and habits.
Shivaduti means “the messenger of Shiva”. Kala of the Moon connected with this form of the Goddess is dhriti – “self-command”, “steadiness” or “courage”. Shivaduti is sometimes considered also a commander of Shiva’s army or the army of the Supreme Goddess.

Goddess Shivaduti, ruling Bhadra tithi or lunar day connected to element of earth, is very closely connected to earthly vibrations, earth’s stability and firmness. She inspires us to be as grounded, humble, reliable and confident, as the ground beneath our feet is. Being connected to Shani, She also teaches us the value of loyalty and responsibility in all our relations.

Goddess Shivaduti is often approached to protect against injustice and unrighteousness, as well as for fulfillment of righteous desires. She always helps those, whose desires are righteous and who do good to others. She destroys all our inner evils, makes our character pleasant to all, as well as blesses Her sadhaka with material and spiritual wealth. In Tantraraja She is called the Destroyer of all wickedness, who is at the same time ever ready to bestow such objects of desire, which are pleasing to all.

Shivaduti is the steady Goddess. She doesn’t wander off Her path. She knows exactly what Her duty is and She is fulfilling it faithfully, while inspiring us to do the same. She is the Divine Mother in the form of the servant of the Lord. Even Lord Shiva Himself took the form of the servant of the Lord, when He incarnated as Hanuman, to show to the world how glorious and how sweet is such selfless service. But to become a true servant of the Lord, a true channel of God’s grace, surrender is the first quality, which is needed – and obedience the second one. Goddess Shivaduti teaches us the value of surrender and humility. She often arranges such situations in our life, which immediately polish our ego, making it more surrendered and mature.

It is believed that Sun god, the first planet and first “messenger of God” among the grahas was born on Saptami tithi. Interestingly Sun-god is also the father of Shani (Saturn), the planetary ruler of this lunar day.

Goddess Shivaduti helps us to be free from all the “evil” samskaras and She inspires us to have a closer look at all our habits – as they are, in fact, creating our reality. Shivaduti Devi represents the deep sleep state within dreaming state of consciousness, which represents all our unconscious, mechanic actions, mental and physical habits, which are determining the shape of our reality to a very big extent. As Carl Jung had said, “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” She inspires us to be like Her, “self-commanded”, self-controlled and independent, rather than falling a prey to our unconscious habits and repetetive patterns. She gives us the courage, dhriti, to break from the chains of habitual actions, fight against the bad habits and regain our inborn freedom. She inspires us to abandon the victim-like mentality and take full responsibility for our lives, by taking it in our hands and by becoming its conscious co-creators.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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