Trayodashi tithi, light, etheric and auspicious in nature, accelerates everything in our life, both material and spiritual progress. Yet, it can also make us unnecessary impulsive, if not channeled wisely.
Sarvamangala means all-auspicious one. Goddess in this form presides over thirteenth lunar day, which is sometimes called Pradosha or “flawless one”, and considered as one of the most auspicious tithis. It is “removes all shortcomings and increases all auspiciousness”. One of the names of Goddess Sarvamangala is Chandratmika, “the very soul of the Moon”. Trayodashi tithi is the first of the three lunar days representing turiya or spiritually awakened state of consciousness. Swami Sivananda wrote about it beautifully:

“On the thirteenth lunar day Nature assists the worshipper in waking up from his mental deep sleep and in becoming aware of the fourth state, (turiya). The yogi who practices his yoga on Pradosha (“flawless one”, another name of thirteenth lunar day) gets these experiences of Lord Shiva quite readily.”

As Trayodashi tithi is co-ruled by Jupiter, Cosmic Teacher, it strengthens our connection with our inner guidance and allows us to see things more clearly. Yet, even though everything that Teacher does is always for the benefit of the student, sometimes he needs to teach through being strict, as well. Similarly, Goddess Sarvamangala, although very benevolent in nature, and always giving blessings, sometimes blesses us also in a harsh way, through bitter experiences in life. This is why some scriptures say, that She is holding a citron, and not a pomegranate fruit in Her hand.

Trayodashi puts us in the state of higher receptivity, so we may become more open for inner or outer guidance of our Guru.

The energies of moksha, liberation and spiritual and material acceleration are at their peak on Trayodashi tithi. It is not only a lunar day co-ruled by Jupiter (whose element is ether), but it is also presided by element of sattwic ether. Etheric vibrations of Trayodashi tithi speed up and accelarate everything. They have potential to accelarate our progress both in material life and spiritual life. This is why the nature of this lunar day is jaya or “giving victory”. It can be a very positive thing – yet, energies, which are getting transformed or exchanged too fast, can also become destructive and lead to too intense transformation, or even manifest in some aggressive way. In fact, there was even an exact research done, which had as its goal determining the lunar day, on which the biggest amount of accidents happen. It turned out to be Trayodashi tithi in Shukla paksha – when its energies are the most active.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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