The nature of Dashami tithi is light, inspiring and igniting curiosity. Our mind becomes most active on this lunar day, but along with it also our psychic abilities and connection to intuition. Discern wisely today between the voice of intuition and voice of the mind.
Goddess Nitya is the storehouse of infinite information and akashic records. Her tantric name in 64 Yogini Namavali is Jnana-swarupini, “the embodiment of wisdom”. Yet, Her all-encompassing influence can be a bit overwhelming for the mind, as well, or even cause some confusion. Confusion, however, is just a sign, that some deeper truth is going to be revealed to us soon – it is a sign, that our mental energy is stirred and churned, so the essence can emerge. That is why people born on Dashami tithi are often a little bit indecisive, similarly like Panchami tithi natives, and tend to be confused about their path in life. They perceive infinite possibilities of the world and they feel overwhelmed by them, not knowing, which path is the best for them. They also often doubt themselves. But once they decide to truly listen to their intuition and inner guidance, as well as notice all the signs on their way, it is when life’s infinite possibilities truly unfold before them.
As Dashami tithi is co-ruled by the Moon, similarly like Dvitiya, there are some similarities between those two, as well. Both tithis are connected with growth of things, blossoming and spreading. Dvitiya tithi, being connected with the earth element brings a bit more grounded growth, while Dashami, being connected to element of air, simply grows anything it touches, in all directions. Any thought that will appear in our minds on Dashami tithi, will be expanded by the energy of this lunar day. This is why we need to be very careful about our thoughts and intentions on this day, and keep our mental energy under control. One of the names of Goddess Nitya is Sarvatmika or “the soul of all things”.

Due to their indecisive nature, people born on Dashami tithi also tend to change their jobs or work places a lot. Moon in the mood of Dashami tithi behaves thus very similarly like Moon in the tenth house.

Have you ever thought, what would this brain be capable of, if we would be able to access its full capacity and limitless information? Have you ever though, what would this mind, which can be at 10 places at a time, be capable of, if we focus it and simply tune it into the flow of the universe? This is what Goddess Nitya stands for: the limitless capacity of human mind, which, when focused, can do miracles – unfocused, however, can cause only troubles. Like Bhagavan Krishna said in the Gita: “Controlled mind is your best friend. Uncontrolled mind, your worst enemy.” Similarly the intense mental energy of Goddess Nitya can either make a person a genius, or cause a mental disorder, by trapping a person in countless thoughts and doubts, which are leading nowhere. This is the biggest danger for Dashami tithi natives, which I have personally seen a lot in my personal astrology practice.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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