Devi Kulasundari is the Goddess of all knowledge, all learning and all initiations. She inspires us to honour and value every life lesson and every relationship, instead of being overly focused on ourselves.
Kulasundari means “the most beautiful in Her abode” or “the most beautiful in Her family”. She is the Mother in the full meaning of this word. On material level Her qualities are reflected in their fullness in all mothers of this world – in all the householders. Similarly like every mother needs to be good in multitasking, juggling with cleaning, cooking, taking care of children and in our times their professional career as well, so Goddess Kulasundari has many hands, revealing many different spheres of life She needs to take care of. She is the most generous one – even the quality of Sri Krishna connected to Her is dhanashila, beneficience. Kulasundari Devi teaches us to honour the value of home, mother and homemade things. Lord Rama Himself was born on Navami tithi and gave the whole world a lesson, how important is one’s home, lineage and family – and how big responsibility comes with that.
On Navami tithi our consciousness enters the level of deep sleep, where no images, no dreams and no actions occur. Within this deep sleep level, Goddess Kulasundari represents waking state. She stands for the sacredness of selfless action. Whenever we serve, truly from the heart, we never notice how time passes by, as our awareness of “I” is absent – we become completely absorbed in the action itself. Such a perfect state of mind creates a true flow and harmony in life.

Goddess Kulasundari is also said to be a manifestation of Saraswati – Goddess of learning, arts, sacred speech and Divine knowledge. Kulasundari Devi is often approached to give us ability to protect ourselves, as well as She helps children and youngsters in learning, giving them strength to study. Tantraraja says that Her sadhaka becomes all-knowing. All the Vedas are present in Her.

Not without a reason all Rikta tithis or “empty” lunar days, are called in that way, as they often make us face some sort of existential emptiness. It does not only indicate a solitary nature of all people born on Rikta tithis, but also certain emptiness, which they may feel inside of them. This is also why people born on lunar days governed by water element are not very sociable, as they get too easily exhausted with shallow conversations. They are always looking for some depth in everything, and they rarely find it in any relationship. In fact, Rikta tithi natives can get easily emotionally disturbed even in the most loving relationship. Sometimes they simply have a tendency to look too deeply into things.

Especially Navami tithi natives need to learn, how to focus less on themselves and what “they receive” in a relationship, but rather to express the highest nature of their natal Moon and be generous – focusing more on what they are giving, rather than on what they are receiving. After all, what we are giving and what we are contributing to the world are the only two things, which we can control in any way. What we are receiving is never in our hands.

- "Journey with the Moon"


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