Whenever there is the first ray of the Moon after Amavasya, this is Kameshwari. Whenever there is the first shadow on the Moon after Purnima this is Kameshwari. She is always the first one to start a new cycle. Kameshwari, the Goddess of Desire.
After the fullness of the Full Moon and the darkness of the New Moon, after some cycle has been completed, it is the influence of Goddess Kameshwari and 1st lunar day (Pratipad tithi), that awakens in us a desire to experience something more, to create something new.

Kameshwari is the friction of the desire emerging on the surface of consciousness, which in its essence is fully satisfied. It is the first inharmonious sound emerging from unison of union between Shiva and Shakti during the New Moon, and the first inharmonious sound descending from the perfect octave of Full Moon. It is like buzzing of a honey-bee, which is looking for nectar. Its very message is: “Something is not full. Something is still to be fulfilled. Something is still to be completed. Some new Love story is yet to be experienced.” Although this very yearning, the very desire itself takes us away from the perfect state of completion and fulfillment, experienced during the New Moon or Full Moon, ultimately, it is also the beginning of our journey towards fulfilling ourselves on yet another level. In immature mind, however, the influence of Goddess Kameshwari can be experienced only on the level of never-ending material desires.

Pratipad tithi, due to its fiery, rajasic nature, is one of the most intense tithis, driven by desire to experience something new and filled with creative. vital powers. Yet, even though it is very stimulating for creative process, its energy is still too intense for any auspicious beginnings. But it is a perfect time to get in touch with our soul’s true desires and understand, what do we really expect from life.

Goddess Kameshwari clarifies our doubts, dispells all confusion and makes us see the truth, so we can make the right decision. With Sun being the planet of Her tithi, She makes visible all that is hidden. She gives form to all that is formless. She brings all secret desires to daylight, in order for us to fulfill them or purify our consciousness out of them. And as our desires define our personality to a very big extent, ultimately She helps us to understand ourselves on a much deeper level and guides us closer and closer to the core of our Soul – if we just allow ourselves to be guided by Her.

Kameshwari, the first Nitya Devi occupying the bottom corner of the mystical triangle, denoting Her fiery nature and fire element She is ruling, is considered also the highest among the lunar Goddesses – the direct manifestation of Goddess Tripurasundari Herself. She represents rising from sleep, the very first stage of the waking state of consciousness, as well as the first rays of the Sun. She is the creative force of the universe in its purest form, with Brahma Himself (the creator and progenitor of mankind) co-ruling Pratipad tithi with Her. She is the one, who brought Manmatha (Cupid) back to the world, after Shiva burned him to ashes – and thus, She had restored fertility and life to the world. Her name means “Goddess of Desire” or “Goddess of Love”. She is the intensity of rajas, guna of passion. Her syllable in Sri Vidya mantra is ka, the mantra of desire and creation, while yogini associated with Her is Kama-karshini, “the one attracting all desires or all love”. Along with Kameshwara (Lord Shiva, Her counterpart), Goddess Kameshwari is creating countless worlds.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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