Chaturdashi tithi, governed by fiery Goddess Jwalamalini, is the most intense lunar day, which purifies us and transforms us, so we can let go of our old self and overcome all the obstacles on our way to fullness.
Goddess Jwalamalini, “garlanded with flames”, is the most intense of all Nitya Devis, which is revealed by Her standing position. Ruling the fourteenth lunar day along with Venus, standing in the circle of flames, and being connected to fourteenth kala of the Moon, angada (“self-sacrifice”), Goddess Jwalamalini represents the last stage of the Goddess before reaching fullness on the Full Moon day or union on the New Moon day: the stage of complete self-sacrifice and burning the ego in the flames of the Supreme Love. Goddess Jwalamalini represents fire of devotion, which is so intense that it burns all the karma. Interestingly, both tithis co-ruled by Venus are very strongly connected with our ability to sacrifice ourselves for the higher purpose – as, ultimately, this is exactly what Love is: a sacrifice of our own ego.
Goddess Jwalamalini is the One, who makes sure, that you do not run away from your life’s tests. She keeps you for entire day on Her burning lap, so your consciousness can transform in the heat of Her Love. Even the yogini She is connected to is called Atma-karshini (“the one attracting the soul”), while the syllable of Sri Vidya mantra She is connected to is la, the bij mantra of bliss. Goddess Jwalamalini burns everything that stands between your individual soul and Supreme soul; between your current level of consciousness and next level of consciousness; between you and your soul’s true bliss.
As Goddess Jwalamalini represents the last stage and the last step of the Goddess before reaching Her fullness, people born on Her lunar day may sometimes be also kind of “stagnated” on the last stage of relationship, professional project or some level of spirituality. They often have this difficulty with completing things or taking the final step in any sphere of life. If the Moon or tithi rashi is in anyway damaged, then they might experience this issue with the quality of self-sacrifice. One of their most important life lessons is embracing the change and understanding that for something to be completed and for something new to be born, something old must die. Perhaps this is why Goddess Jwalamalini is sometimes associated with snakes, who are embodiment of change. Similarly like snakes shed their skin few times a year and embrace their own vulnerability in this sensitive moment, so Chaturdashi tithi natives need to embrace the changes, which life is bringing them, endure the vulnerability, which comes with that and welcome something new in their lives – as no human has ever reached the fullness of his potential without making some sacrifices.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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