Full Moon and New Moon – when something is completed and new beginning is awaiting. When our consciousness experiences profound change. When we are more in touch with our true Self.
Goddess Citra represents the final stage of the journey of the Goddess: reaching the fullness or return to nothingness; complete light or complete darkness; unison or perfect octave – which are, in their essence, identical. The bright light of the Full Moon symbolises the highest octave of any colour; while the darkness of the New Moon symbolises all colours merged back together into the primordial darkness. The brightest shade of any colour is white. The darkest shade of any colour is black. Similarly, on Full Moon and New Moon day everything unites and dissolves, so something new may be born.
Goddess Citra teaches us, that all the colours of life, all the rays of light, and all the shadows of darkness, in their very essence, are the manifestation of the same omnipresent Divine force, which gives birth to everything, sustains everything and, ultimately, absorbs everything within Itself. In the fullness of Citra Devi or in Her complete darkness, there is a space for everything and everybody; for every feeling, every experience, every mood and every energy. As Goddess Tripurasundari during the Full Moon, She embraces everything with Love and spreads Her light and blessings to all, equally. As Mother Kali during the New Moon, She absorbs everything, cleanses all the impurities and reveals the depth of Her compassion, which embraces and absorbs everything within its darkness.
On Full Moon and on New Moon day the Goddess becomes complete – hence the kala of the Moon connected to Her is purna or completion. Yogini connected to Her is Amrita-karshini, “the one, attracting all nectar” or satisfaction, as all the “drops of nectar” or kalas of the Moon unite together to spread their light during the Full Moon – similarly like all of them are collected back to their source during the New Moon. Syllable of Sri Vidya mantra connected to Her is hrim, the bij mantra of transformation – similarly like for Panchami tithi. And similarly like in case of Panchami and Dashami, previous Purna tithis governed by air element, so in case of Purnima or Amavasya there might be also some quality of indecissiveness very prominent in the personality of the person born on any of these lunar days – especially Full Moon. The shadow side of the kala of fullness is lack of motivation to go out of this fullness, this symbolic comfort zone, and realise something in the world. This is why neither Full Moon nor New Moon support us in any material activities – they are supportive only for spiritual practices.
- "Journey with the Moon"


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