“They who lay quiet for a year, the frogs have lifted up their voice, the voice Parjanya (god of rains) hath inspired.”
– Rig Veda, “Hymn to Frogs”
In Vedic culture frogs are considered such Divine messengers, that there is even entire Vedic hymn dedicated to them. They are the messengers of Parjanya Aditya, Sun-god, who brings rains and emotional release, through revealing us some deep, hidden truth about some situation. After all, Sun assumes the form of Parjanya Aditya, when in the sign of Scorpio or 8th house of hidden things, secrets, supressed emotions and inuition itself.

Frogs also represent the time of renewal and rebirth, as they are always the most active around Full Moon, being watery and lunar in their nature. But for a symbolic rebirth to happen, we sometimes need to firstly purify and detox ourselves from old feelings of regret and resentment, which poison our inner space.

Frogs in Vedic tradition also represent fast transition from one state to another, a symbolic jump. This is why Mandukya Upanishad, one of the shortest Upanishads, which describes four different stages of consciousness (jagrat – waking, svapna – dreaming, sushupti – deep sleep and turiya – transcendental state of consciousness), actually gets its name from Sanskrit word “manduka” – “a frog”. It is actually believed that the sage, which received Mandukya Upanishad, was Varuna himself, god of cosmic waters (and one of the Adityas: Sun in the 4th house of inner self or Sun in the sign of Cancer), who assumed a form of the frog.

Frog represents ability to experience all four stages of consciousness, as symbolic turiya is experienced by it when it hibernates. It also represents ability to jump from one state of consciousness into the other, which is possible in deep meditation. This is why frog always inspires us to be for a moment “motionless like a frog”, sit in meditation, and look at situation with detachment – and to hear the true voice of our intuition.


Certain nimittas appear to us in exact moments in time and communicate to us similar lessons like certain planets or nakshatras. The lessons from the frog are similar to:
Nakshatras: Ardra, Ashlesha, Mula, Shatabhisha
Tithis: rikta tithis: Chaturti (4), Navami (9) and Chaturdashi (14)
Sun’s placement: Parjanya Aditya (Sun in Scorpio or 8th house), Varuna Aditya (Sun in Cancer or in 4th house)
Grahas: Mercury, Moon


Do not judge the situation by external appearance

When frog comes into your life, it inspires you to look at some situation not with your physical eyes, but with the eyes of your consciousness. The situation might be different than it seems, even if it doesn’t look “pretty” at first glance. Frogs might not be the prettiest of all creatures, but in Vedic times they were considered sacred messengers of Parjanya, god of rains and transformation. They come into your life to tell you that there is a higher reason for your current life experience.

Listen to your intuition

Frogs come into your life to communicate, that it is time to take the voice of your intuition seriously. Do not ignore your inner feeling. Follow your inner call, even if it doesn’t seem too logical for now. There is some higher logic behind it and some bigger picture, which you might not be able to see at the moment. Take a leap of faith and trust your feeling now. Not everything can be always explained by the mind and it is ok. Do not wait for the “proof” to validate your feelings.

Time to speak up

Frogs also come to warn you not to keep silent for too long. If there is something that is bothering you, especially on emotional level, it is time to express your truth now. Silence can create too much of unnecessary distance and frustration in your current situation. Do not be afraid of expressing your truth, as it has the power to transform your current situation and bring some positive change into it. Even if you feel very uncomfortable about your current feelings, remember: truth is always liberating.

Take a leap of faith

Frog comes into your life to inspire you to take a leap of faith and jump from your current situation to the next level. From some current limitation, into a new possibility. Have faith. In almost all the cultures and spiritual traditions frogs are very auspicious symbols, bringing more prosperity and fertility into our life, and thus enhancing our creative potential. When frog comes your way, it means that entire universe is supporting you now to make your jump and progress.

Reconnect with your feelings

Frogs often symbolise loud voice of our supressed emotions. Which emotion have you been supressing recently? It is time for release. Being equally comfortable in water and on earth, frogs inspire us not to be afraid of the emotional realm of our existence, but to rather find a deep strength and wisdom hidden in our emotions – while at the same time stay grounded. It is time to really listen to your feelings and voice, as at the moment they might be wiser than your intellect.

Time for transformation

Frog comes to you in the times of transition and transformation. But often for the transformation to happen, we need to firstly detox ourselves from old emotions, such as disappointment, resenment, pain or regret, which make us too stagnant and don’t allow us to jump to the next level of our soul’s development. Frog signifies time of purification ahead. Ask yourself sincerely, which changes you might be resisting now. Which things from the past are blocking you from growing and transiting to the next stage?

Don’t be like a frog in a well

Many ancient cultures compare the mind, which is closed in its limited beliefs, to a frog in a well, which doesn’t know, that there is a huge pond of water beyond it. Where you behaving recently a little bit like a frog in a well, judging the situation only through the lense of your past experiences and not being open to see a new possibility? When a frog comes into your life it is the time to open up for something that you haven’t experienced before, and to keep your mind open.


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