In few days, on 25/26 December, we are going to experience the most powerful eclipse in our lifetime – Sun and Moon conjuct with 4 other grahas and distant Pluto. And all of them aligned with Galactic Center in Mula nakshatra.
As more and more grahas kept approaching sidereal Sagittarius and passing through a deep gandanta point in Mula nakshatra, unsettling lunar mansion of Nirriti, which has Galactic Center and its supermasive black hole at its heart, we all felt since few months this unearthing and destabilising effect in our lifes. Mula nakshatra is all about facing our inner darkness and looking beyond the void, to reach something deeper hidden in our hearts and souls. With barhana shakti or power to unroot all the wrong beliefs as its shakti, the power of Mula nakshatra reaches deep into the roots of our inner conflicts to expose them, unroot them and eventually heal them. But since Mula is a very fierce lunar mansion, too, this process is never pleasant.

Nirriti, Goddess of chaos, the presiding deity of this lunar mansion, is often identified with Mother Kali, Dark Goddess of Time and Death, who brings all the necessary transformations and endings into our life, absorbs all our negativity, stills the agitation of the mind and teaches us how to find light even in deep darkness, as well as stillness amidst chaos. Sometimes being portrayed with a broom, Nirriti is the great purifier. She is this force within us, which stirs our consciousness and brings all the mind’s impurities on the surface, so we can become aware of them, transform them and heal them. She exposes all the lies and unroots all outdated beliefs. Her energy will be very powerful during the eclipse time, when Moon and Sun will meet on the border of Mula nakshatra’s most transformative and intense ashtamamsha pada (where Jupiter already dwells).

Meeting point of Sun and Moon during this eclipse will happen in the amsha or portion of Goddess Sati in D20 (Vimshamsha) divisional chart. Goddess in the form of Sati self-immolated herself to protect her own purity and integrity. In similar way this eclipse will try to inspire us to protect our own integrity during this intense time of transformation – no matter how much darkness may surround us. It is time for self-purification and re-evaluation of what is really important for us in life. In the same way how Mula nakshatra represents the supermassive blackhole in the center of our Galaxy, around which our entire solar system revolves, it tries to bring our attention to what are we putting in the center of our lives – what are we revolving around? What is in the center of our attention? Is it worth it?

In D27 chart of strengths and weaknesses, Sun and Moon will meet during this eclipse in the amsha of Nagas, Divine serpents, who represent our deep emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability. We all may feel a bit vulnerable around this time period. Universe will make us more aware of our own weaknesses, so we can learn from them. It will make us face our darkness, so we can learn from it, too. But as difficult as this period may be from material and emotional perspective, this is one of the most potent times for spiritual progress – if only you are brave enough to face the truth about yourself and embrace it without judgement.


Eclipses are potent time windows for our spiritual growth. But there are also certain activities, which are not supported during the time of eclipses. Learn all about it in the video below.


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