On 30 April Saturn went retrograde on the sky and started to travel backwards with Ketu through Sagittarius. They will continue traveling together until 18 September, when Saturn will go direct and split ways with Ketu. Expect profound life lessons.
Saturn retrograde, travelling hand in hand with Ketu through Sagittarius, original 9th house of our beliefs, religion, values and wisdom, will be teaching us some profound life lessons during the next half year. Retrograde planets on the sky always try to confront us with some life lessons, which we are normally trying to avoid. Saturn and Ketu together, two detached grahas, passing in retrograde motion through Sagittarius, will test our values and integrity, as well as will inspire us to verify our beliefs and let go of those of them, which are sabotaging us on our path of material or spiritual progress. For people on spiritual path that is a perfect time to introspect and analyse yourself daily, as entire universe is now united to help you see, what you could change in yourself.
Yet, keep in mind, that Saturn and Ketu together, can often teach us through humbling experiences. Combined with Jupiter transiting retrograde through Jyeshta nakshatra (star of perfection) in 12th house from Sagittarius, the universe will keep confronting us now with the truth, that we might be not as perfect as we think we are. This specific transit would be especially merciless for people with high spiritual ego, who tend to believe that just due to their spiritual experiences, they are somehow better than others. But the good news are, that after this transit, we will emerge not only as more humble, but also more mature and wiser souls. Because it is only through challenges that we learn true life wisdom.


Every planet, every transit, every nakshatra and every experience from your karma simply tries to teach you something and make you evolve. But are you willing to learn?

Certain feeling of existential emptiness, boredom, purposelessness or even loneliness may awaken in each of us easily in this time period. It might feel unusual, but don’t be scared of it. It is from the void of a black hole that all the universes are expanding and, similarly, it is from this inner emptiness (or, rather, stillness) that great, creative ideas can be born. Enjoy the stillness and stay patient. If this feeling is very new to you and you do not know how to deal with it, try to just focus more on your work and duties.


Each of us may feel a bit bored in our duties or even unwilling to do our work in this time period. This specific combination of Saturn retrograde and Ketu together can make us a bit lazy, while at the same time, it can bring us a lot of work. Not the most fortunate combination ever. Yet, this is why it is such a great time to consciously analyse ourselves and think, how can we re-awaken the lost passion in our work or any other sphere of life and bring there more inspiration and creativity.


The easiest way to please Saturn and Ketu, two Cosmic Teachers of detachment, is through daily meditation. When you sit in meditation and get in contact with the Divine Observer within you, you automatically learn to treat all life’s situations and feelings with more distance, which helps to meet karmic lessons with more love and understanding. For people on spiritual path it is actually a great time period to establish a deeper connection with the Divine within them. And for everybody it will be a great time period for learning more healthy distance towards life.


Any unpleasant experience that comes into your life, especially in this time period, has a higher purpose. Lots of past karma may re-awaken again during this time period. You may meet again people from your past or even past life. And some of those encounters might not be pleasant. But keep in mind, that every such experience comes into your life to teach you something. Do not run away from your karmic lessons, but rather try to really learn on your mistakes. Remember, retrograde planets always bring into our life experiences, which we are always subconsciously trying to run away from – and until we get our lesson, they will keep repeating over and over again.


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