Are you attracted to esotric subjects & secret knowledge? Do you feel compelled to know the truth? Are you ready to heal a lingering or difficult to diagnose illness?
We are entering an exciting & complex new moon cycle, filled with mystery & revelations, progress & unanticipated turns. And potential for healing. This new moon redirects our soul’s evolution to the significations of Varuna, the God of the Midnight Sun, as represented in mystical Shatabhisha nakshatra.

The spiritually aware share a strong desire to understand Truth & the nature of existence. These rather large themes can be explored from a very personal place now, as Varuna is associated with Cosmic Order, Satya (truth) and uncovering secrets. Studying esoteric disciplines such as Jyotish and Nimittas (omens) can help us access fascinating insights if we cultivate a quiet & receptive mental state from which to tune in to the vibrations & hidden messages of the Cosmos.

The new moon cycle is a bit complex now with Retrograde Mercury sharing Shatabhisha with the new moon, while Mercury is in a friendly but somewhat chaotic parivartan yoga with suspicious, mentalized Rahu in Ardra nakshatra. We may be feeling ambitious now, with an appetite for information and progress, and our community or leadership roles may be evolving. This can be an exciting time but we are asked to let go of some control and accept some inevitable unpredictabity in forward progress. Looking into the D9 several planets are ashtamamsha or 12th from their rasi positions, indicating that karmic forces are at play and our souls are not so keen to be pushed around by the directive of our mind and ego.

It is said that the stars are symbolic of the 1000 eyes of Varuna that can see all: the wide blue skies above, the mysterious depths of the oceans below, and all of our deeds. We could find ourselves keenly aware of the behaviors or others and perhaps suspicious of their actions and motivations, in fact Shatabhisa is sometimes called the Star of Surveillance. Some misbehaviors or startling secrets could be revealed now. Try to view new information with compassion for yourself and the offending party, and accept that the whole story might not be known yet. The influence of Mercury and Rahu on the moon can make it difficult to pick up clear patterns in the vast amount of information flooding our senses, and to follow in to accurate conclusions.

This special influence to the new moon in Varuna’s star from Rahu in Ardra is wonderfully supportive of healing and medical research. One of the most powerful prayers for healing, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, is to Rudra Ardra’s nakshatra lord, and is said to even forestall death. In the Yajur Veda Varuna is known as the god of ‘100 remedies’. This shows tremendous cosmic support for researching, understanding & even reversing lingering or mysterious illnesses. This is welcome news with so much confusion about Coronavirus dominating global discourse now.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

Shatabhisha’s compulsion to uncover the truth can be powerful. Step back from any paranoid or obsessive thoughts & channel mental fixations in healthier directions, like deep research into healing, technology, humanitarian work and esoteric subjects.


When we are wronged by another, it is easy to blame. Making a conscious decision to forgive the offending party, to release feelings of resentment or vengeance whether or not they deserve our forgiveness is a gift to ourself. It strengthens and frees the mind to experience more love, happiness & peace.


We don’t have to know everything right now. Approaching the mystical journey of this incarnation with openness and curiosity provides so much more guidance and helpful information than having our attention swept down a particular thought stream.


A drop of water is a metaphor for the interconnectedness of the whole Universe. Meditate on being the drop of water that contains within it all the oceans of life. In the same way that a drop of water dissolves into and becomes indistinguishable from the ocean, letting go of our individual consciousness in meditation connects us to the Cosmos: to satya, and to god.


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