New Moon in Rohini nakshatra is the time to review, which thoughts, emotions and desires do you allow to grow in your life.
With New Moon in Rohini nakshatra, which has rohana shakti, or power to grow and expand, as its cosmic power, our ability to grow above certain things and expand will be a little bit contracted around this time period. As this New Moon is taking place at the heart of Taurus, sign strongly connected with our heart chakra, we may experience many inner contractions and expansions of the heart, especially in the sphere of our relations. Sometimes we may feel like expanding and opening up more, even when it is not the right time to do so, while at other times we may feel more like closing up and withdrawing. It may feel as if our hearts are at the moment full of contradicting feelings.
As the gaze or focus of Rohini nakshatra is urdhwa-mukha, or focus on growth and future, it is wise to take time to evaluate in this time period every action and inaction of ours, and see how it can potentially affect the future. Whatever you will allow or not allow to grow now, will impact your near future. It is the time to take a step back, introspect and try to understand, which desires are worthy of nourishing and fulfilling in this time period, and which of them we should rather restrict. But above all, greet all your emotions, feelings and desires with understanding and compassion. Nobody’s perfect – even Lord Brahma needed to learn on his mistake under Rohini nakshatra.


Every New Moon partially overshadows the positive qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

New Moon in Rohini nakshatra will question, what are you allowing to grow in your life. Remember, rohana shakti, power to make things grow, is the shakti of Rohini nakshatra. Are you giving your energy to nourishing feelings, thoughts and relations, or are you allowing some unhealthy thoughts and emotions to grow? Or maybe did you allow some relation to grow beyond its healthy boundaries? Have an honest look at your life and see what do you allow to grow – because this is what you shall reap, too.


Similarly like last New Moon in Bharani overshadowed some of the positive qualities of our manipura chakra, connected to ability of self-control, so New Moon in Taurus, especially in Rohini, will overshadow some of the positive qualities of our heart chakra and our ability to love. We can experience many smaller and bigger “contractions” and “expansions” of our heart chakra in this time period, especially in the sphere of our relationships, and it is perfectly normal. Remember that before every expansion, there must be a contraction.


Where you a little bit too carefree in some sphere of your life recently? Where you avoiding taking responsibility and hoped that things will get solved by themselves? New Moon in Rohini nakshatra will try to inspire you to take some things in your life more seriously and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, emotions, desires and actions. It is a great time to introspect a little and see, which spheres of your life where neglected recently (the house in which this New Moon occured in your birth chart will reveal you that).


Sometimes listening to your natural instincts and desires is the best thing you can do. Sometimes, though, it can be the worst, too. Brahma, the presiding deity of Rohini nakshatra, has failed because of listening to his instincts. New Moon in Rohini nakshatra, which can overshadow its qualities to certain extent, is similarly not very supportive when it comes to listening to your instincts and desires – but rather tries to inspire you to choose really wisely, which desires to follow and which of them are you allowing to grow.


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