This New Moon in Pushya nakshatra is the time of healing and expanding our heart chakra, getting in touch with our inner child and sensitive self, as well as welcoming new beginnings in our relations.
This New Moon, when Moon will join Sun in Pushya nakshatra at 14°29’ sidereal Cancer, with Venus dwelling in the very same nakshatra, it will be Thursday for many timezones. New Moon happening on Thursday forms a powerful siddha yoga, while Moon dwelling in Pushya nakshatra on the same weekday additionally forms an auspicious Guru Pushya yoga, amplifying the expansive energy of Brihaspati on that day. It is a beautiful time to expand our consciousness, expand our creativity, expand our hearts and expand our circle of compassion, going out of our comfort zone.

Pushya falls entirely in the sign of Cancer, and is a beautiful nakshatra concerned with nurture, nourishment and good fortune. It is the placement where Jupiter reaches exaltation, and here there is an energy of expansion and proliferation. Brihaspati (a manifestation of Jupiter) is the advisor to the gods, giving guidance to them on their religious sadhanas in order to lead an auspicious, sattvic life. Here we too may feel the fortune and opportunity that comes from cultivating our spiritual source – our Shakti life-force – divine energy given from God that nourishes and sustains us on all levels.

Mother Earth herself is a great conductor of this primordial, life-giving vitality, and Divine Mother reveals her presence through the symbols associated with Pushya – the udder, a circle, an arrow and a flower.

Udders feed and supply nourishment for the growth of the infant, so that they may mature and reach their potential. A circle is an emblem of wholeness, of all separate parts that are gathered and held in unity within the whole, of the microcosm that exists within the macrocosm. The arrow is also a symbol of protection, and Pushya is associated with a celestial archer that protects Soma – the nectar of immortality – within the boundary of the circle and poised with the arrow. Similarly, mothers cradle their children in their arms, enveloping them in a protective circle and stand as a guardian over their offspring. The flower, a symbol for receiving optimal sustenance; the seed and root that has been cultivated and provided for until the specimen has reached its peak and bloomed. Flowers are vibrant, hope-filled and celebratory; they represent dormant energy that has embodied its potential to flourish – the saturated, cosmic fullness of life.

And so with all New Moons, we have the perfect time to set clear and fresh intentions, start something new and implement changes after the shift of frequency brought from the eclipses. Pushya here wants us to thrive on nourishment and personal growth brought from unconditional love and acceptance. Brihaspati brings in the energy of the Guru to raise our awareness and our vibration from the blessing of spiritual knowledge and practice.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

Another name for Pushya is “Tishya” – meaning auspicious. To be auspicious, we must have knowledge, and not knowledge from any source, but knowledge grounded in wisdom, in prana shakti. All true success has to be fed with a higher intelligence and wise decisions, else it is not sustainable, so connect to sages, teachers and healers who can offer you good advice that enables you to prosper. Spiritual practice grounds us in presence and feeds us with the infinite connection to Source energy – thus, figuratively, when we sit in the middle of the Pushya circle we can also find our own self-sustaining nourishment that does not draw outwardly upon the finite resources of others.


As Venus becomes combust with the Sun in close orbit, our relationships can feel the heat, but New Moon here gives us the potential for an emotional fresh-start if we are able to act with discernment. The New Moon degree falls in 4 pada of Pushya nakshatra, Scorpio Navamsha, where Moon feels burdened and anxious; however if we can dig deep beyond the surface discomfort, we have the potential for uplifting transformation. Running from or fuelling relationship issues with unconscious or hurtful behaviour now means we can face continuing problems, but if we make ourselves available for engaging the heart-centre, dropping our stories of hurt about who is right and wrong, and instead truly feeling rather than wrestling with thoughts, we will sense the growth and expansion that comes with the Full Moon in two weeks.


Venus, as Shukracharya, is the advisor of the Asuras (demons), a rival of Brihaspati – advisor to the gods. There can be a conflict of interest when Venus enters the asterism of Pushya, as Venus can be self-indulged whereas Jupiter wishes to share his benevolence and wealth with others. Add to that the heat of the Sun close by and our desire for more and more can become insatiable, or we feel focused on what we are lacking in some way. Wherever possible, we can try to embody the purity of the blooming flower, which in itself cannot contemplate its own beauty yet outwardly gives so much pleasure to others. We give flowers as gifts and they are used often in pujas – each one is unique with its own colour, shape, scent and vibrational frequency, just as we ourselves are. It is a great pleasure to enjoy our riches in whatever form they come, but remember the gift of giving too.


This is a great time for considering our health as the solar, Yang life-force (Sun) meets with the lunar, Yin life-force (Moon) in this nakshatra of nurture as the protector of everlasting life. Balancing the solar and lunar energies within us, pingala (solar) and ida (lunar) nadis, harmonises our whole being and thus creates stability for the awakening of higher consciousness that Pushya wishes to bestow. Alternate nostril breathing, Nadi Shodhana, the basic pranayama technique is very powerful for bringing balance to the pingala and ida channels within the body. We can also consider other ways in which we nourish ourselves – through our diet, our sleep, routines and managing our stress levels. Unite with the people you love, care for your environment and take time to relax and replenish.


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