On 20 July Sun and Moon will meet together in sensitive Pushya nakshatra, at the beginning of Cancer, almost exactly on Jupiter’s maximum exaltation degree. This is the time to keep your mind and heart open for new spiritual realisations.
It is a rare occurrence to have both Sun and Moon meet together during New Moon almost exactly at Jupiter’s exaltation degree in Pushya nakshatra. The scriptures say, that whenever any of the luminaries is passing through the degree of exaltation of other graha, it imitates the results of having that very planet exalted there. Indeed, as Sun and Moon were slowly approaching the degree of Jupiter’s maximum exaltation (5 degree of Cancer), we could all feel more inspiration and desire to learn and broaden our horizons. Many people also felt stronger urge to intensify their spiritual practice or meditation.
This specific portion of the zodiac is also presided by headless Goddess Cinnamasta in D20 chart of our spiritual progress. Sun and Moon meeting there are silently inspiring us to forget for a moment about everything we think we know, put aside our beliefs and concepts about life, and put aside our ego, so we can open up our minds for new understandings and new horizons. It is also the time to try to feel and sense things more, versus trying to grasp them with intellect. And being so, it is a very powerful time to connect with the Divine in our spiritual practice and meditation, too.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

Pushya is the nakshatra of Brihaspati, “the Lord of Vastness” and the Guru of gods. He is inspiring us during this New Moon to open up our minds, widen our understanding of things and broaden our horizons. As circle is one of the symbols of Pushya nakshatra, two luminaries meeting there will try to inspire us to look at things in a more holistic way. It is an excellent time for learning, especially Vedic studies – like Vedic astrology.


With Moon disappearing behind the Sun in this nakshatra of Divine wisdom, it is also a very good time for all of us to seek more guidance within, rather than in the outside. New Moon in Pushya nakshatra encourages us to study alone more frequently, do more self-study and reflect more. It is a perfect time for meditation and intensifying our spiritual practice, so we can connect with our inner Guru and awaken our inner wisdom.


Pushya nakshatra also represents the lotus of our heart chakra. Brihaspati, the Lord of Vastness, inspires us now to try to open up our hearts a little bit more, and not close them, because of recent suffering. It is a perfect time to heal our wounds with the power of love, compassion and forgiveness, and to consciously let go of all the bitter emotions, that might have been stopping us from moving on in our relationships.


New Moon in Pushya nakshatra, at the heart of a very private sign of Cancer, is also the time for us to consciously take care of right nourishment for our body and mind. It is the a good time to rest a little more and take some days off if needed. Pushya nakshatra teaches us to nourish our bodies by giving them more nutritious food, nourish our minds with positive thoughts and to simply give some extra love and care to ourselves.


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