On August 30th there is a New Moon in Magha nakshatra at 12°39’ of sidereal Leo. Get ready to reset and refresh with new intentions relating to your self-confidence, individuality and creativity, but watch out for power struggles…
Moon joins Sun in Magha along with a closely conjunct Mars who has just edged into Purva Phalguni with Venus, and Mercury slightly behind at 8°39’, also in Magha. It’s a lot of concentrated energy in the sign of Leo, the natural 5th sign of the zodiac, concerned with the birthing of all new things. The combination of the New Moon energy in Leo comes together in a great creative urge to make manifest that which has so far laid dormant and formless within our minds. Last month’s New Moon in Cancer had us feeling our way through our emotions and attachments, seeking to nurture ourselves and replenish our energy before venturing out into the world again. Now we have left our crab shell and start to take the first strides out into the hot sand of life, ready to make our mark – the added influence of Mars along with the Sun brings ambition and leadership ability, or at the least a desire to see things done in a way we perceive to be best.
But what kind of sand castles are you going to make? Have you taken the time to survey your surroundings and pick the best spot to get going, or are you charging ahead enthused with the idea of building something – anything – as long as it gets you out of the rut you’ve been in? Magha nakshatra, connected to the Pitris, our ancient forefathers, encourages us to take stock of what has come before to show us what works and what doesn’t; with the benefit of wisdom and experience, you can build upon a lot of background work and preparations you’ve been storing up and have a far greater success rate moving forwards. Now you know the lay of the land, you have observed the tides move in and out and seen their effects, and you can forge ahead without wasting energy.
Leo and the symbol of the lion contains within itself a lot of intelligence and perception; if we simply observe the characteristics of this beautiful animal in nature we can learn so much about this zodiac sign.
Powerful, strong, charismatic, fierce, protective and incredibly astute. Regal. But to watch them, lions spend a lot of time lying around and conserving their energy also – they are not running themselves ragged over every whim and fancy. They take what they need and don’t squander their vital life force, and that is a great take away from this August New Moon, which ties in nicely with my favourite idiom of late: work smarter, not harder! It’s time to pick your battles and invest your time wisely. What systems in your life can you streamline, what can you do without, what can you make simpler? What can you start afresh and put your energy into that will reap greater rewards? There’s no point being elaborate, showy and needlessly excessive if your efforts are unsustainable, just as there’s little long-term benefit in cutting corners to do a mediocre job now just for the sake of speed. Ask yourself what your motivations are behind your work. Is it popularity without substance? To be the best at all costs? Or something worthwhile and of notable importance but more magnanimous in nature? Perhaps a significant message we can take from the devastating forest fires in the Amazon and elsewhere currently, can act as a stark reminder of what too much greed at the expense of living in harmony with our environment can really cost us. Leo encourages a rise in status, but let it be for the right reasons – we should always be aiming for our actions to contribute to the solutions to society’s problems, not the causes.
Magha New Moon also offers a beautiful window to connect to our ancestors and let our mind go within to be guided by their insights from the many generations that have gone before us. This is a good time for listening to your intuition and hearing your predecessors through the wisdom they pass down to you as gut instincts and your innate sense of knowing. You may like to honour the Pitris in a New Moon ritual, asking for their blessings with your upcoming ventures this following month and to release you from old karmas or inherited family traumas that are keeping you stuck reacting to the same emotional wounds. With Ketu being the ruling planet of Magha, there is a significance to dealing with some past karma now and not abdicating responsibility, whilst managing your emotional state and not bypassing unresolved issues. With this August New Moon you can additionally centre yourself and find some quiet time for connecting with your own natural skills and talents, perhaps even things that you’re adding to now that were developed in a past life. Be mindful of family connections, your relationships and what you’re endorsing over the coming weeks, and how this will play out in the bigger picture of your life. Each brick we lay in the wall of creation, each stitch we sew in our tapestry, says something about our character, our morality, our humanity and ultimately our spiritual selves. What will your legacy be? What will be the throne you sit on?


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.
Stand Up and Be Counted

Put your name to something. Have a voice! Apathy can not only be a symptom of laziness but also of overwhelm, which is a common occurrence when the news and social media constantly bombard us with the latest problems and suffering in the world. Unfortunately, inertia allows so much negativity to perpetuate whilst we essentially stay sleeping and don’t take action until it’s too late. If you have a song inside you, sing it. If you can be a force for good, do it. Don’t let the magnitude of troubles outside extinguish the ability for love, kindness and positive change that lies within you, even if it is a small act. As the song goes, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”, and it only takes a small candle to illuminate what was once darkness.

Give Form to the Intangible

There is a verse in the Tao Te Ching that says “How do I know the ways of all things at the beginning? I look inside myself and see what is within me.” Creativity is the name of the game this Leo New Moon, but what happens when you spend so long procrastinating that you don’t know which way is up or down and how to even go about achieving your goals? The truth is that we can waste our lives away waiting for the perfect conditions or to be struck with divine intervention and the path ahead to illuminate in magnificent technicolour – and yes this might happen – but the greater percentage of the time, nobody really knows exactly how things are going to pan out and you must stop searching out there for answers and instead start with you. Everything that has ever been created started as a small seed of potential – nurture yours and the elusive, vague and shapeless within, naturally takes on light, life and form.

You’re Stronger Than You Know

It is so easy to go through life comparing ourselves to others. Who has the nicer house? Who can do this particular something better than we can? Whose opinion is the ultimate? Who is wiser, more intelligent, better looking and all round just more superior? If these kind of thoughts plague your mind, how about with this New Moon you gift yourself the intention of shining the spotlight on yourself rather than everyone else? What you have been through on your life path is valid, beautiful, painful, mysterious and above all else, imbued with the love of the Divine. Take some time to value yourself and your experiences; the ego mind loves to condemn our own efforts, but put your Soul in charge for a while and radiate in the full glory of You and the God-spark within! Strength comes naturally when we align with our true essence instead of scattering our energy by giving our power away to others and outside influences.

Remember Your Roots

Magha energy doesn’t shy away from attention and prominence, and whether this comes naturally to you or not, modern day living can so often spin us up in a whirlwind of concerns that we forget to not only connect within, but also neglect who we are and the purpose in our existence at all. Yes, Magha is about identity on a personal level, but bigger than that, it is about the generations that came before us living through us now in our DNA. It is the tree of life, the primordial energy, that we ultimately all originated from. It’s important for us to not get blinded by arrogance that we are somehow the latest model of humanity and therefore must be unparalleled in skills and knowledge, because that is simply egoic fantasy. Even if you do not know much about your direct family line, or you had difficult relationships with your family, Magha energy encourages us all to gain from the sagacity of the ancients – for the lives they lived, the steps they walked on this earth, the hardships they endured and the victories they celebrated. Remember and honour their lives this New Moon and feel their guidance support you.


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