New Moon in Magha nakshatra, lunar mansion of Pitris, Divine ancestors, teaches us to honour our past and to become wise ancestors of our own reality – by staying responsible and wise in our actions.
Sun and Moon, soon meeting in Magha nakshatra during the New Moon of the Ancestors (also known as Pitri Amavasya), will inspire us to have a sincere looking within ourselves and become more mindful about our thoughts, words and actions, as well as their consequences. New Moon in Magha nakshatra always blesses us with a healthy dose of detachment and distance, which makes it a perfect time for sincere introspection, self-analysis, meditation and any type of inner work – especially related to healing all the past traumas and letting go of all those things and patterns that do not serve us anymore.
New Moon in Magha nakshatra inspires us to meet our shadows and take responsibility for their existence, as this is always the first step in the healing process. And, as many of our shadows and patterns are rooted in our family lineage itself, New Moon in Magha nakshatra frequently inspires us to heal our family karma, too. Such a healing process always requires from us a lot of detachment, as well as humility. Moon disappearing behind the Sun in Magha nakshatra, star of power, often inspires us to embrace our weaknesses, too, and to not be afraid to feel vulnerable. After all, true strength comes from embracing and re-integrating our own shadows.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

New Moon in Magha nakshatra, lunar mansion of our Divine ancestors, who already passed to the other side, reminds us to pay less attention to external reality and turn our focus inwards. It is a good time to practice detachment and focus more on your spiritual practice.


Yet, while staying detached, we should not run away from the reality around us. Detachment, when extreme, can too easily turn into escapism, and this tendency might be amplified within us during this particular New Moon. Stay mindful and caring in your thoughts, words and actions.


Magha nakshatra, above all, teaches us to become wise ancestors of our own reality. It inspires us not to run away from responsibility, but rather to embrace it and not to be afraid to take charge, if needed. Have a sincere look within yourself and see how responsible you choose to be in your actions?


New Moon in Magha nakshatra, also known as Pitri Amavasya, is, above all, a great time to show our gratitude to our mortal and Divine ancestors. It is the time to reconnect with our roots and honour all our teachers, ancestors and Nature itself that allow us to be here and experience life itself.


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