New Moon in Hasta nakshatra, always occuring around the time of Autumn Equinox, is a powerful time of change from Pitri paksha, fortnight of ancestors and letting go, into Devi paksha, fortnight of Shakti and finding our inner power.
After the fortnight of our ancestors, known as Pitri Paksha, the time during which we acknowledge and honour the deep interconnectedness of all life, not just from generation to generation, but also on a deeper, spiritual level, there comes a New Moon in Hasta nakshatra, also known as Sarva Pitri Amavasya – “the New Moon of all ancestors”. It is the time not just to remember our ancestors, pray for them and heal our own lineage, but also to contemplate on the past, let go of the old, like trees are letting go of their leaves, forgive everything that needs forgiveness, learn on our mistakes and move on. Honour your past, but do not close yourself for the new opportunities that future holds.

With Mars, debilitated Venus and exalted Mercury accompanying Sun and Moon in the sign of Virgo during this powerful New Moon, this day might be quite intense for all of us – and this entire period may bring us some new responsibilities, as well as hard work. Meet them with love! Because they will only make you stronger.

Conjuction of 5 important grahas in the sign of Virgo, representing our ability to develop our inner strength and will power, to overcome all obstacles, will generally try to inspire us to be more responsible in our actions and not to run from the responsibilities that the universe is giving us. It will try to bring our attention to some small details in our daily life and daily routine, which could be improved for the better, for our benefit and for the benefit of all. Not without a reason right after New Moon in Hasta and Pitri paksha, there always starts a period known as Devi paksha or the fortnight of the Goddess, commencing with Navaratri – 9 nights of the Divine Mother. During these nine nights we are worshipping the Goddess in Her 9 powerful forms and awaken a similar shakti within us, to overcome all the obsctales in the outside and all the negativities of our own mind. A powerful time of change, transformation, letting go of the old, taking our responsibilities seriously and a sincere self-analysis. A powerful time to develop your inner shakti – and to learn how to honour it wisely.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

Every new beginning needs some initial cleansing. The best way to honour your past and your ancestors is to learn from it – but not allow the painful part of it to define you. Remembering our ancestors and the perishable nature of mortal life during Pitri paksha reminds us to get some distance from all our little problems and to consciously to let go of the past and… forgive. Forgiveness is the most transformating power in the universe. Because when we forgive, we set ourselves free.


This is a powerful time for a sincere self-analysis and looking into some details of your life, which are bothering you – as well as trying to understand, how can you improve. Remember, this special time will support you in bringing some healthy changes into your daily routine, your relationships, and fixing all the things that require fixing. Don’t run away from your problems, even if they may seem a bit overwhelming – but rather meet them with love, care and patience. One by one.


You always wanted to start meditating daily? Establish a healthier diet or daily routine? Do some detox? Or start excercising? It is a perfect time period for that. Right now, the entire nature is going through a symbolic detox and is supporting you in cleansing your own body and mind. If you feel now a bit overwhelmed by your daily duties or lack of time, it might be a powerful sign, that you need to change something in your routine, organise yourself a bit better and excercise your will power to make all the necessary changes come true.


Remember, you yourself become the ancestor of the reality you live in – and the ancestor of the reality that those, who come after you, will be living in. Be a conscious co-creator of your universe – because it is never only yours. During this New Moon, meditate on how you can become more responsible in your thoughts, words and actions, and how can you avoid creating more karmic burden for yourself and the world, but rather help to uplift some of the burden of Mother Nature and the world. Do not run away from often overwhelming feeling of responsibility – embrace it with love. It will only make your stronger.


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