When New Moon in Anuradha nakshatra, at the very heart of transformative sign of Scorpio, where Moon gets debilitated, that is for many a very frustrating time of the year. But it is very potent to bring needed changes into our life.
Sensitive Moon, representing our mind itself, goes through symbolic death during every New Moon. This is why this time is sacred to Lord Shiva, Cosmic Destroyer, who brings into our lives all the needed transformations. But during each New Moon, Moon is also the weakest. Some of the positive qualities of our mind and the nakshatra, in which the New Moon occurs, are temporarily eclipsed. Our vision and intuition ceases to be so clear.

When additionally New Moon unites with the Sun in the very heart of Scorpio, sign of its debilitation, where its waters get intensely churned and purified, for many this may be a very frustrating experience. When New Moon becomes dark in the sign of Scorpio, rashi of its debilitation, we may experience lots of intense transformations and unpredictable turns of events around us, but also destruction, death and endings. Here our fears become challenged and here we are forced to face our own darkness – and everything else that we may have been supressing in ourselves since a long time. But, at the same time, when we find the courage to meet and embrace all our inner “monsters”, it opens to us the doors to powerful spiritual transformation. Because when we meet our own darkness without fear, shame and supression, we gradually become free from it.

This year New Moon in Scorpio will meet on the same degree with the Sun in Anuradha nakshatra – star of our commitments, friendships and devotion. It will inspire you to question all the ideas and relations you feel committed or devoted to. It will inspire you to question the healthiness of some of your relationships and to step back if they became toxic. This New Moon may bring some powerful endings into your life – but also powerful disappointments. Don’t have any high expectations in this time period, but rather humbly listen to what reality is trying to communicate to you. Don’t push your agenda too much, because the more you will push, the more you will suffer – since Scorpio is the original 8th house, where we actually learn how go with the flow of life, instead of opposing the necessary change. In this time period it will be very important for each of us to find this healthy balance, when handling our own emotions, which are being now intensely churned – not to allow them to take over and drag you into the drama, but not supressing them either. It is time to feel them, pay your attention to them and meet them with love – as well as hearing carefully, what they are trying to communicate to you.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

Lots of your plans may be change in this time period. Be it on internal or external level, changes and transformations will surely enter your life with New Moon in Scorpio. Meet them with open arms and heart. Because the more you resist the change, the more it will hurt. And the more you embrace it, the easier the transition will become. Remember, even if everything looks dark at the moment, there will come a day and time when you will understand, why you needed that experience. Universe doesn’t make any mistake.


Scorpio is the original 8th house of death, endings and transformation. New Moon in Scorpio is always bringing some endings with itself. Sometimes it is the end of some relationship, sometimes the device that gets broken, sometimes it is the end of some wrong belief of our mind – and sometimes somebody we loved really passes away. Endings are never pleasant to the mind – that is why Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. But they teach us to be humble and remind us that we should never seek stability in material world.


Scorpio is also one of the darkest and most secretive signs. When New Moon is happening there, our inner vision may be sometimes a little bit clouded. Misjudgement can happen very easily, since during such a time truth gets too easily mixed with a lie. This New Moon will try to inspire us to keep our eyes open and see what is hidden and concealed. Don’t “buy” too easily any gossip or exciting news that you will hear in this time period. Meditate to reconnect with your intuition and look with discernment.


In this time period everybody might need some extra time for oneself. Give yourself a bit of time to recover in solitude and silence. Meditate. Introspect. Reconnect with the Source. This will allow you to recenter yourself more easily in this turbulent time period and to hear the voice of your inner guide more clearly, so you can make the right choices and navigate through the difficult situations with less hussle. In this time period make sure that you trust your intuition more than people around you.


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