This New Moon in Uttarashadha nakshatra in sidereal Capricorn was a very special one, as it coincided with Saturn transiting into Capricorn, as well – marking a new planetary period of powerful transformations.
This was a memorable New Moon. Exactly on New Moon day, when Sun and Moon were conjuct in Capricorn (along with Mercury), Saturn himself had transited into sidereal Capricorn, causing some disturbances to the mind (Moon), but also bringing us more opportunities to rise above our ego and become more humble. Such a powerful transit happening on New Moon day indicates that this transit of Saturn will be all about finishing things, divorcing the negative qualities of our own mind and transforming ourselves on a deep level. It will bring us some falls – but also many risings. It will make us more humble and strong at the same time.

Even though biggest part of this New Moon happened in Uttarashadha nakshatra, its
completion took place in early degrees of Shravana – the lunar mansion, which tries to inspire us to be more quiet and listen more. Listen to the signs, that life is sending you, be a better observer of your own mind and life around you, listen to the feedback, that you receive from reality and other people, and, finally, listen to the voice of your own intuition. But to become a good listener, you need to abandon some of the Uttarashadha’s qualities, such as trying to control things too much – because to be a good listener means to be more accepting and humble.

This is why this special New Moon is also called in Vedic culture Mauni Amavasya – or “New Moon of Silence”. It is believed that practising a complete silence during this time can bring one a great spiritual merit – and acts as a great remedy for this intense placement, too. Because real silence, as our Gurudev said, is not about just staying silent in the outside – but it is about silencing the mind and becoming its conscious observer, versus believing blindly each of its stories.

Not without a reason the most powerful nakshatra of the zodiac, Abhijit, has its beginning in last degrees of Uttarashadha and ends in first degrees of Shravana. Abhijit is the nakshatra of an initial fall from one’s position – but also rising once again in victory. It is believed that real Uttarayana starts when Sun enters this powerful nakshatra. In this lunar mansion Uttarashadha’s ego get crushed and gives rise to wisdom of Shravana, and its ability to listen and be humble. Being so, Abhijit is the nakshatra of spiritual victory and rising above the limitations of our own mind. New Moon happening there may initially confront us with some unpleasant situations, which will force us to go above our limited perception – but eventually will help our mind to be reborn with more humility and better qualities. If we only allow ourselves to go through this transformative process of polishing the ego and support it with diligent sadhana.


Every New Moon is a beginning of new cycle and a new start in our learning process called life – and there is always some lesson that comes with it.

One of the main lessons that this New Moon in Abhijit coinciding with powerful transit of Saturn into his own sign are trying to teach you is that it doesn’t always need to be your way. Stay humble and accept what reality offers you at the moment, as it might be a powerful opportunity hidden in a humble disguise. If you always want things to be your way, you may easily overlook it.


One of the main characteristics of Uttarashadha nakshatra is its powerful scepticism. A little bit of scepticism is healthy, but too much of it can ruin your faith and relationships. This is why Uttarashadha is also the most lonely nakshatra. In this time period try to let go a little bit of your need to control things always and trust life and other people a little bit more. Let go of your fears a little.


We all might feel a little bit lonely during this time period, even when surrounded by people. And this can easily give rise to some fears. It is because this powerful New Moon coinciding with Saturn’s transit will try to teach us to become a little bit more independent and to spend some time on sincere introspection. And that is why it will challenge everything that you might think of yourself. Don’t look at loneliness as something bad – it comes to help you in personal transformation.


Moon was undergoing a severe papa kartari yoga during this Amavasya, squeezed between the burning Sun and cold Saturn. Fears, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, and all the other negative tendencies of the mind may easily come to the surface in this time period. But it is only because Saturn is trying to inspire you now to finally heal them – not to take them too seriously. And for that to happen, you need to observe your mind daily with a little bit of healthy distance.


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