Mars in Ashlesha nakshatra can be very intense. Scriptures described it as one of the most frustrating or debilitating placements from Mars. Why is that so? What Mars is learning in Ashlesha?
Ashlesha nakshatra is the most vulnerable of all lunar mansions. It represents these most vulnerable, private and sensitive parts of ourselves, which may be often full of wounds or difficult feelings, such as shame. After all, Ashlesha nakshatra dwells in the gandanta zone of the sign of Cancer, which represents this most hidden, private and sensitive part of ourselves. Being an original 4th house, the most hidden house of all (as you can never ever see the 4th house from Earth – it is always right below us), it also represents the most hidden, subconscious parts of our mind. This is why the energy of this nakshatra is naturally more introverted, closed up like a coiled serpent and protective.

Now, bring into this extremely sensitive and vulnerable lunar mansion Mars, the significator of extraverted energy, penetration, taking action, open fight and… exposing our wounds. And you will get an idea, how intense it can become.

Mars, the karaka of taking action, feels overwhelmed by intensity of Ashlesha’s emotions and attachments, which slows his active energy down a lot, and can lead to nervousness, frustration or even anger and explosiveness. At the same time, his active energy, forces us to confront these vulnerable parts of ourselves, which we may feel not ready to meet yet. It exposes most sensitive parts of ourselves, which can either lead us to emancipation from their bondage, or a hurtful feeling of our boundaries being violated. This is why in this extremely sensitive time period, we all must bring some extra awareness into our words and actions, so we don’t unwillingly hurt others, as everybody is feeling mre vulnerable than ever every time when Mars dwells in Ashlesha. At the same time we need to make an extra effort to be more tolerant, patient and compassionate towards others, even if we are ourselves are feeling hurt and frustrated. Not an easy life lesson for sure – but also one of the most powerful ones.


Behind every challenge, there is always an opportunity to progress and a powerful life lesson. What Mars in Ashlesha nakshatra is trying to teach us?

The challenge of Mars in Ashlesha nakshatra is that it may force us to face our own difficult emotions and vulnerabilities, as well as expose our wounds, in circumstances, which we may not feel ready for. Mars is teaching us here a powerful lesson of embracing our own vulnerability and he encourages us not to be afraid of it and not to try to hide it constantly. Because when you truly honour and acknowledge your own vulnerability, even in front of others, that can become the source of your inner power.


The entire time period, when Mars will be dwelling in Ashlesha nakshatra he will be testing your own limitations and boundaries through various life situations and silently asking: can you open your heart a little bit more? Can you widen your circle of compassion a little bit more? Can you try to let go of this fear that is paralysing you, whenever you try to open about something really difficult for you? It is a powerful time for going beyond the limitations of our comfort zone and gently stretching our boundaries to embrace life a little bit more.


Don’t forget that with Mars in Ashlesha, everybody feels this vulnerability, helplessness and frustration now in some sphere of life. You are not the only one experiencing that. Try to find within yourself more patience, tolerance and compassion towards others – and, first of all, towards yourself. Don’t expect too much. Because by becoming more patient towards others, even when you are suffering at the moment, you will also develop a powerful emotional strength, which will actually help you to go through this time period more smoothly.


As intense and unpredictable as this time period may be, don’t forget to find at least a little bit of time everyday to just be with yourself in silence. Meditate. Reflect. Self-analyse. Withdraw from any conflicts or disturbing activities, whenever possible. In this time of the year, when Mars is in Ashlesha nakshatra, focus more on inner work versus material progress. It is time for your own spiritual growth and healing all the wounds. Don’t rush it, don’t resist it. Just embrace it.


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