On 10/11 January we are going to experience a small penumbral lunar eclipse, which will start in Ardra nakshatra and complete in Punarvasu – the star of symbolic “return of light”.
This small, penumbral lunar eclipse is going to finally release some tensions, which got accumulated in our energy system after recent solar eclipse in Mula nakshatra. As it will start in the stormy Ardra nakshatra, it may easily cause many misunderstandings due to inability to connect to others through empathic communication and too much focus on our own self. This is why it is not advisable to even try to resolve any conflicts before the eclipse passes, as eclipse times always tend to cloud and confuse our minds, which can result in unnecessary conflicts. Some people, who are more sensitive to subtle energies, may even feel lots of tensions and stiffness in their physical body around this time.
Yet, this eclipse will reach its peak in Punarvasu nakshatra, which belongs to non-dual, non-judgemental, all-embracing and compassionate Goddess Aditi – the Divine Mother. Once Moon will be released from the grasp of the eclipse, our mind will also become enlightened about the ways how to resolve the conflicts and problems that may have risen before the eclipse. We will feel more connected to the source of Divine inspiration, our minds will become more open and we will be finally able to see new paths, new solutions and new possibilities. Hope and positive attitude will bring their light into our minds once again.


Eclipses are potent time windows for our spiritual growth. But there are also certain activities, which are not supported during the time of eclipses. Learn all about it in the video below.


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