Full Moon in Shravana nakshatra is the time to speak less and listen more – listen to the feedback from your environment, listen to other people with compassion, but above all: listen more to your intuition.
When Moon shines bright in Shravana nakshatra it is the time to become more receptive and attentive – as this is the time when the voice of your intuition starts to speak louder. But can you really hear it? Can you recognise from the voice of your emotions or past regrets? Saturn retrograde conjuct with this Full Moon may bring some of old memories and beliefs back, which may easily mislead you. Be wise and discern, do your really learn from your past and does it help you to progress, or is it perhaps blocking you in some way in moving forward in life?
This time the time to really look deep inside yourself and listen to the voice of your conscience. Moon in Shravana nakshatra will greatly support you in sincere introspection, meditation and simply spending some time in silence. But at the same time it can make you a bit more sensitive for the external vibrations and stimuli, as well as more prone to suggestions from the outside. Spending a bit more time in nature and temporarily cutting off some external distractions is going to help you greatly in balancing this influence.


Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

First step to become more open to what universe has to tell you is to spend more time in silence. During this Full Moon spend a bit more time with yourself. Spend some time in nature, turn off your mobile phone and other distractions and get off the grid. Meditate. Spend some time with yourself. Listen to the voice of silence.


Shravana means “to hear”. Pay attention to what you hear in this time period. What feedback are you receiving from the world? What the universe is hinting at you? Are you open enough to not just listen, but truly hear this what your dear ones are trying to tell you? Are you empathic enough enough to truly relate?


To really hear what the universe is trying to tell you, you need to become less focused on yourself, too. It is a good time to open up your heart a bit, forget about yourself for a moment and really try to understand other person’s perspective. Recognise the Divine in other person and allow yourself to forgive, whatever needs to be forgiven.


Saturn retrograde being conjuct with this Full Moon may bring some old memories back. Some will appear to remind you of something important and some will appear for you to finally let go of them, as they may be stopping you on your path of progress. Listen to them carefully and discern wisely, what you can learn from them.


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