Full Moon in Shatabhisha nakshatra, which will start on 1 September, will stir the waves of our emotions, but also give us the courage to initiate our own healing process and release past traumas.
Full Moon in Shatabhisha nakshatra is never an easy one. In this watery nakshatra of Varuna, god of oceans, netherworlds, afterlife, karmic returns and deep healing, the mind is seeking its primordial vastness and freedom from bondage – but at the same time it becomes more aware of all its limitations that it still needs to face and liberate itself from. Full Moon in shining in Shatabhisha, the star of deep healing, inspires us to look deep inside ourselves, face our current limitations and weaknesses, all the forces that “constrain” our mind, and release them with acceptance and surrender. Full Moon in Shatabhisha becomes even more aware of its karmic limitations, especially ancestral karma (Shatabhisha is the 16th star from Magha, star of ancestors), and all the debts it still needs to pay, and all the sorrows and pain it still needs to release. This is why it is one of the most powerful times of the year for healing and forgiveness.
This year this particular Full Moon might feel especially challenging, with Saturn, lord of Aquarius (where the Full Moon occurs) occupying the 12th house from the Moon – house of death, losses and letting go. It is a perfect time to consciously release some pain from the past and for any healing process – but this placement can also easily cause us some big losses in this time period. Additionally, Ketu occupying 11th house from the Moon, can temporarily restrict the flow of prosperity in our life and crush some of our hopes, which may result in increased feeling of dissatisfaction.

Time periods like that are best for intensifying our spiritual practice, going deeper into the process of self-healing and giving ourselves some extra time, patience, love and acceptance.


Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

Full Moon in Shatabhisha nakshatra is inspiring us each year to invest a bit more of our time and energy in our own healing process. Having a full circle as its symbol, Shatabhisha nakshatra always encourages us to look at our own health from a holistic perspective. It is a very good time period for initiating any healing processes, be it improving our physical or mental health. It is the time to take our health seriously and not to be afraid of pain that may sometimes come along during the healing phase.


Big reason why we often fail in letting go of past traumas and regrets and sabotage our own healing process is because we are afraid to face the pain associated with it. Full Moon in Shatabhisha nakshatra, along with Mars occupying Ashwini, another star of healing, in the third house from the Moon, will give us courage this month to face our own insecurities and finally move forward towards our holistic fullness, by healing and reintegrating all that was surpassed and hurtful.


Full Moon in Shatabhisha nakshatra is always a time to let go of our old patterns and regrets. Shatabhisha is also known as the star of forgiveness and deep healing – not just healing the body, but also healing the deep-rooted patterns in our mind. Varuna, the god of karmic returns and presiding deity of this lunar mansion, will be teaching us this month that sometimes we need to empty ourselves and let go of the old, in order to become full again.


When life takes some things away from us, it is a perfect time to practice detachment. Saturn, the ruler the sign, in which Moon will become full this month, is occupying 12 house from Moon’s position, which indicates that universe will inspire us to let go of some things this month, which can also result in losses. Ketu occupying 11 house from the Moon, can also crash some of our hopes. In times like that, practice of detachment and focus on the Divine help a lot.


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