Devi paksha or the fortnight of the Goddess, is soon going to complete with Full Moon in Revati nakshatra – the star of fulfillment, completion and final destination, happening at the end of Pisces.
The autumn season, known as sharad ritu is about to reach its peak tomorrow with Full Moon in Revati nakshatra, which is also known as Sharad Purnima. Revati nakshatra – which is also the last star in the zodiac – lunar mansion of Pushan, Sun-god as Divine Shepherd, Divine Nourisher and the one, who guides the soul to its final destination after leaving the earthly plane, also happens to be the most pure and sattwic of all of the nakshatras with moksha or final release and liberation as its ulitmate motivation. Moon reaching its fullness in this special nakshatra will try to inspire us to let go of our old patterns, outdated beliefs and emotions, which hold us back and became a hindrance on our path of spiritual growth. Here, in the sign of Pisces, the drop of “I” gets finally dissolved in the ocean of universal consciousness – and so the Full Moon shining bright there with its rays will try to inspire us to rise above the pettiness of our ego and expand the horizons of our heart and consciousness, embracing with love all that life gives us.
Sharad Purnima is also the night, during which Sri Krishna danced his famous rasa leela with his gopis – and so it is also known as the Full Moon of Divine Love.

Yet, with all krura grahas residing in the kendra houses from the Moon, this will be also an intense time of inner and outer transformation for many. The universe will inspire us to question our goals, the paths we are choosing, and even ourselves and what we identify ourselves with. Rahu in peak of its energy in 4th house from the Full Moon, will make it a very restless time for the mind. Sun and Mars occupying 7th house from the Moon, may easily bring on the surface some conflicts and tensions in our relations. While Saturn, Ketu and distant Pluto (which just went direct) in Sagittarius, will strongly inspire us to question the directions and paths, we choose to take in life – but will also make us work harder for achievement of our goals and dreams. A very intense and transformative time for everybody.


Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

Full Moon Revati nakshatra, in many countries, coincides with beginning of autumn, when all the trees let go of their leaves. Similarly, when Moon dwells in this last nakshatra of the zodiac, it is time for us to prepare for letting go of our old patterns and beliefs, and widen the horizons of our consciousness. Allow yourself to not have the answer for everything – and allow the universe to bring you the answers in the right time. Leave the past behind and learn how to surrender more to the present moment.


Revati nakshatra is also the star of forgiveness, bringing all conflicts to completion and letting go of all the bitterness from the past. With nourishing Moon shining in its fullness here, it is a perfect time to open up your heart a little bit more and forgive completely, to free yourself from this emotional burden. Krura grahas in kendras to the Moon in the sky may obstruct this process a little, though, trying to convince us not to move on and not forgive. But remind yourself that final choice is always yours!


This time of the year is very transformative. Moon, shining in its fullness in the last nakshatra od the zodiac and last zodiac sign, inspires us to embrace the change and to be detached from the external shapes of all things, as they are bound to change and fluctuate. Embrace all the transformations happening within you, as they will bring you closer to your Source. This is why, it is a very potent time for spiritual growth and meditation practice. Allow the Full Moon in Revati nakshatra to enlighten your inner being and connect you with your own deeper, spiritual nature.


With all the transformations happening around you and within you, the universe is trying to inspire you now to perhaps… reshape of your own inner universe, too. Perhaps the old mental patterns and shapes are not supporting you anymore in your growth, but became a hindrance? This is a powerful time to rethink your goals. Is the path you are walking on taking you closer to your goals? Are you taking yourself and your dreams seriously, and making conscious little steps to make them come true? Are you really working towards materialising your ideas, or just dreaming about them?


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