On 14/15 August Full Moon will shine in Dhanishta nakshatra. If you have been feeling over-tired and burnt out after the transit of Mars through Cancer, this might just be the uplifting energy you’ve been waiting for to refresh and bring some needed optimism!
2019 has been full of heavy transits. Last month’s Full Moon was caught up in the eclipse axis with Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius, and Rahu, Sun and Venus opposing in Gemini, escaping any benefic aspects. This month however, Moon loosens many of the intense shackles of burdens, set-backs, delays and raw emotions and breathes in new possibilities in Dhanishta nakshatra. Dhanishta is symbolised by a drum, and represents the great rhythmic pulse of the universe. The steady assurance from the drum can also be felt within our own bodies as our hearts beat inside our chest, a measurement of the life force permeating within.

With this theme of rhythm, beat, listening and constancy running through Dhanishta, this Full Moon we can begin to relax into the flow of nature, find our groove once more and naturally embrace routines that help us steadily move forward with our plans. Dhanishta Full Moon also asks us to reflect on whose drum beat we are marching to – does this rhythm feel harmonious to us? Are our beating vessels filled with love and presence or hollowed and barren from disconnection and apathy? What can we do to live fully, to stand in presence and walk in truth? What songs are in our hearts to sing to the world?

Sun is now at the very end of Cancer approaching the gandanta zone in Ashlesha, opposing the Moon, so let us take some time to reflect on what we are embracing, what poisons we can turn to medicine and what dark parts in ourselves we can surrender to the light. Dhanishta Full Moon wants to illuminate our path to success through correct action, being ruled by the planetary energies of Saturn as the lord of Capricorn and Mars as the ruler of the nakshatra itself. What lessons can we take from the past two weeks, with the intentions we set at Pushya New Moon, for our continuing growth, nourishment and development?

We are offered some clarity now as the vibrations settle and the dense and turbulent energies of the past months start to smooth out into pulsing ripple we can access with internal insight and pure intentions – what message does it have? As Mars clears the early degrees of Leo and moves forwards through Magha, we start to feel our strength return and a call to action once more. Whilst Saturn is still retrograde and tightly conjunct Ketu, we are reminded that although the most disruptive energies are now behind us, new structures in our lives take time to build, and some patience and foresight of the bigger picture is still needed.


Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

I am reminded of the wisdom of Grandmother Willow (of all things!) from the Disney’s Pocahontas as I write about Dhanishta – there is a short scene in the movie where Pocahontas feels lost and asks for guidance from Grandmother Willow about how to make the right decisions in her life – she is told to listen, but not with her ears, with her heart. There is guidance all around us in a multitude of forms, but we are often so busy moving, chasing and worrying to stop and sense anything. Take time to tune in with all your senses, and listen with your heart – you will understand!


Wonderful healing vibrations come from music, and from certain frequencies. We are blessed in this age to have access to beautiful recordings we can listen to just about anywhere on Earth – we can find music to sing to, to dance to, to make us smile, to release our stored tears. Choose some music this Full Moon to aid in your self expression and release all the tension you have stored up inside. Perhaps you can find a 5 Rhythms class near you to attend and shake out your troubles, enjoy taking some time to play an instrument or recite mantras and sing bhajans.


The deities associated with Dhanishta are the Ashta Vasus, eight elemental gods representing the different elements in nature. The resulting power, desire and basis of Dhanishta is to ‘bring people together’; just as all the elemental forces come together in every manifestation on Earth, we too can use this energy to unite many disparate parts and come together in the creation of one ‘whole’. Dhanishta favours group activities and selfless service, joining forces with others in the pursuit of one common goal and altruistic activities. Can we harness the energy of Dhanishta Full Moon to release purely self-absorbed motivations and instead direct our energy into a project that connects us in society for the betterment of all?


After last New Moon in Pushya nakshatra, star of generous Guru of gods, Brihaspati, Lord of expansion, vastness and opening up the heart for harmonious flow of cosmic energy, Full Moon in Dhanishta, inspires us to open up even more and to be courageous enough to be a little bit more generous: generous in sharing, generous in kindness, generous in words and generous in the heart. After all, the shakti of this lunar mansions is khyapayitri shakti, power to shower us with more abundance and fame. But are you really ready to receive? This is a great time to review all your beliefs about money and prosperity, and to verify, what may be stopping you on your way to abundance in all spheres of life.


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