On 12 November Moon will become full in Bharani nakshatra – star of letting go, allowing the old to die and conscious re-alignment with what your heart and conscience deem to be right thing to do at the moment.
Full Moon in Bharani nakshatra, star of Yamaraj, who represents the power of our conscience, hidden in our hearts, will inspire us to re-align with those things we truly believe in and let go of old relations, situations and beliefs, which hold us back and do not resonate with our heart’s true call anymore. With Moon dwelling in the star of Yamaraj, Vedic god of all deaths and endings in life, the lord of Bharani nakshatra (Venus) in the 8th house (Scorpio) of transformations and death from the Moon, and Sun in the state of debilitation in Libra, shining as Pushan Aditya, the entire universe tries to inspire us now to let go of all that is old, let go of all the bitterness and sorrow from the past, and simply forgive and move on with the ever-moving river in life, trusting firmly that it will take us to the right destination, if we only stop trying to control it for a moment. It is a perfect time to relax a little and allow the flow of life to take you exactly where you need to be.
This Full Moon will be all about releasing your mind’s grip a little bit, unclutching it from all those old beliefs and attachments, and resigning for a moment from trying to always be in charge and control of your own life. After all, the shakti or power of Bharani nakshatra is apabharani shakti – the power to let things go with the river of life. Yet, be careful not to run to another extreme: escapism. Yamaraj is, after all, also teaching us how to become more responsible in life and how to accept gracefully the consequences of all our past actions. Like Lord Krishna said in the Gita: do your duty wholeheartedly, but don’t be attached to the fruits of your actions. Stay centered in the heart. Only then you will experience the true flow in life, which Bharani nakshatra stands for. With Jupiter dwelling in its mulatrikona and aspecting this powerful Full Moon, it is a powerful time to unroot some old beliefs from your mind and re-align with your soul.


Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

Let go of all those things and relations, which need to die or be left behind at the moment. Sometimes, only when you let go and temporarily detach yourself from certain situations or people, it is the time that they can finally truly heal. Don’t be afraid to unclutch your consciousness from all the little attachment and desires and let the river of life take you to the greater destination.


Yamaraj represents the voice of our conscience – the voice of our heart. His very name starts from the beej mantra of heart chakra: yam. Listen to this inner voice and choose to do what you feel is right – not what is just “easy”. Forgive, even if it feels difficult. Open your heart, even if closing it feels easier. Cut some relations and attachments, if they don’t feel right. Trust your feeling.


Don’t be afraid of new responsibilities. If the universe chose you to have them, it means you are ready to handle them. Don’t be afraid to be held responsible for whatever happened in the past either. With embracing the responsibility, comes a great inner strength and powerful sense of freedom, as well as deeper connection with life itself. Learn to embrace it with love.


Yamaraj represents deep sleep state of consciousness – a state of complete relaxation, in which ego is not present anymore. Allow yourself to rest more around this Full Moon time – don’t try to be always in charge of everything. Learn how to let go of all the tensions and trust that life will take care of itself, even if you don’t try to control it. Learn the art of surrender.


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