Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra makes us more vulnerable, oversensitive and emotional, as well as makes us experience everything more intensely – but it also awakens our intuition and deep wisdom, as well as helps us to transform ourselves.
Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra is always an intense one – for it brings on the surface of our consciousness some deep (and often very old) emotional “poisons”, so they can be finally transformed and healed. Every little grief, pain, frustration or sorrow, that we just supressed and never really healed, gets awakened when Moon reaches its fullness in Ashlesha – lunar mansion that teaches us how to embrace each part of ourselves with more love, tolerance and healthy detachment. And since Ashlesha is also the most sensitive lunar mansion, we may also feel oversensitive, vulnerable, touchy, easily irritated and overly emotional as the Moon approaches its fullness. We may also have a tendency to take things too personally. Especially with Mercury, planetary ruler of Ashlesha nakshatra, residing currently in another watery nakshatra, Shatabhisha, governed by Varuna, we may have a tendency in this time period to “overflow” with emotions way too easily.

This Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra is going to be a particularly intense one, as Moon will be aspected by 3 krura grahas: Sun, Saturn and Mars. Sun and Saturn aspecting this Full Moon may easily make us doubt ourselves and feel a bit depressive in this time period. And, as they are both tightly conjuct at the moment, in combination with Mars casting its most transformative, 8th aspect on the Moon in Ashlesha, it may also result in our own bodies becoming oversensitive and our immune systems becoming weaker. This is why many people may suffer in this time period from bacterial and viral infections, as well as poisonings. It’s not a coincidence that dangerous corona virus has emerged exactly in this lunar cycle.

Yet, we cannot forget, that nothing happens without a purpose. Sometimes “poisons”, which Ashlesha nakshatra brings, inner or outer, must emerge on the surface, so we can learn from our own mistakes and go through a necessary transformation. Challenge is always there only to help is evolve – this is what coiled snake, symbol of this lunar mansion, represents. Sometimes our own emotions must overflow, so we can learn something very important about ourselves and start changing. Like the snake is changing its skin, so Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra brings us through this sometimes violent, yet very necessary process of inner and outer transformation. It inspires us to heal and embrace the past, but also to find our freedom in the courageous act of releasing it and letting it go.

Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra will also try to inspire us to go deeper within in order to find our answers. It will try to inspire us to rather withdraw, spend some time in silence or in nature and listen to the voice of our inner wisdom, rather than trying to find our answers through others. It will awaken our dormant intuitive powers. It is most beautiful time for doing a sincere introspection and going deeper into your sadhana or meditation practice, as it may bless you with very deep and profound insights – if you only allow yourself to be sincere with yourself.

Remember: blessings of Ashlesha nakshatra come only to those, who are willing to embrace themselves the way they are. A beautiful time to learn self-acceptance on a deeper level.


Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that.

It is definitely not a good time period to let all your inner “poisons” out. No matter how strong is the temptation, try to restrain yourself from overflowing others with your emotions, such as bitterness or anger. Don’t flood them with the things that hurt you in the past, either. Remember, everybody will be more sensitive emotionally in this time period – it’s not just you. Externalising your pain might not be the best idea now – rather try to introspect more and understand what the pain is trying to teach you.


Try to be more aware in your speech, too. Consciously practice being more gentle in your words, even if something triggers you. In those time periods, when all of us are more oversensitive than usually, nothing is more precious than conscious practice of kindness. And if you can’t find kindness and compassion within yourself at the moment, rather choose to withdraw and stay silent. Otherwise you may end up saying things which you may regret later.


In this time period, consciously practice being more selective. More selective about what you allow to affect you. What you allow into your inner space. What you intake or eat. Which people are around you. Which emotions you choose to rule you. Which thoughts you choose to believe. Which words you allow to trigger you. We all will be a bit oversensitive during this time period and quite easily affected by external and internal factors. Choose wisely, what you allow to affect you. Realise, that you have a choice.


Yet, as challenging as this Full Moon period may seem, it will be very rewarding, too: for it will allow you to look deeper within and find some answers, which you have been looking for. It is time to be sincere with yourselg and to listen to the true voice of your intuition. This is a beautiful time for a sincere introspection and going deeper into your meditation. If you are honest with yourself, it will bless you with wisdom about how you can improve and let go of your weaknesses, as a snake is shedding its skin.


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