Jupiter dwelling in Jyeshta nakshatra holds for us some of the most complex and challenging lessons. But above all, the Divine Teacher dwelling in the lunar mansion of Indra challenges us to become better than… ourselves.
Jupiter in Jyeshta nakshatra inspires us to become better versions of ourselves, as the shakti of Jyeshta is the power to arise and perfect ourselves. Yet, the very same energy, if not channeled wisely, can also make us overly critical and more inclined towards blaming others. With Jupiter, Guru of gods and Dispeller of Ignorance, dwelling now in this last portion of dark Scorpio, where we meet all our fears and weaknesses, the shadow side of ourselves may much more easily come to surface, so we can meet it with compassion and transform it. Yet, at the same time, in Jyeshta nakshatra, star of Indra, Jupiter, Indra’s own Guru, secretly tries to crush his ego and make him stronger. In the Vedas, Indra represents our will power and the strength of our soul itself – but the same power, when abused, can give rise to ego and unhealthy ambitions, instead of pushing our soul itself towards progress.
When Jupiter dwells in Jyeshta nakshatra, this is when the Divine Teacher becomes like Indra – and that is not really his natural state. When this divine, generous and compassionate teacher of gods assumes some of Indra’s qualities, he can become overly proud, arrogant, self-centered, manipulative and even use Divine knowledge for wrong purposes. He can also become overly perfectionistic, controlling and picky, as well as ever ready to fight and blame others, instead of trying to improve oneself. That is especially true with Saturn retrograde tightly conjuct with Ketu in second house from itself. With this intense transit, make sure where is your focus: are you more focused on trying to teach others a lesson or on your own growth? Choose wisely – as the first option will only bring you more stress, while the second one will liberate you from your own shadows.


Every planet in transit brings with itself some challenges and some unique opportunities. Here are some lessons from Jupiter, Teacher of Gods, dwelling in Jyeshta nakshatra.

Don’t think that your problems are more special than problems of others – remember, everybody is going now through some difficult times, but some people might not wish to express it. These are often the strong and mature beings, which consciously decide not to overwhelm others with their issues. Just because somebody is strong enough to smile in the midst of difficulties, doesn’t mean that person is not secretly suffering, too.


Don’t overwhelm others with your issues and try to consciously avoid complaining. It’s ok to communicate about your difficulties, but try to do this in a mature and compassionate way, that doesn’t diminish the value of anybody and that doesn’t overwhelm others, too. Don’t seek more attention than it is necessary. Rather learn how to find spiritual strength within yourself versus depending too much on others.


Avoid venting out and blaming others without reason. Yes, people do make mistakes – and so do you. Try to find a peaceful solution in an emotionally supportive way, instead of just “throwing up your poison” on others, as it won’t lead to any constructive solutions. Focus more on how you can improve yourself and the situation instead of correcting others – and you will see that solutions will come much more easily.


The level of tolerance and compassion is always diminishing, when we are under pressure. This is perfectly normal. Keeping that in mind, try to consciously find inside your heart more space to embrace every challenging emotion and situation that may come your way in this difficult time period. Don’t close your heart, but rather do your extra effort to maintain a mind-heart connection through daily practice of meditation in this time period.


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