When the Sun is approaching its maximum debilitation point and it becomes conjuct with New Moon in Citra nakshatra, the most tamasic lunar mansion, we celebrate Dipavali and pray to Mother Lakshmi. But do you know why?
In Vedic Astrology planet Venus is perceived to be a direct manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi Herself. No wonder, Maharishi Bhrigu, who has the power to transform darkness into light, and bring the illumination of Divine wisdom, is considered to be Her father in many puranic stories. This makes Shukra or Venus a brother of Lakshmi, since they are born from the same father. And similarly like Bhrigu has the power to transform darkness into light, like Shukracharya has the power to transform death into life, so Mother Lakshmi has the power to transform everything that is tamasic into something sattwic – since She Herself is considered to be a presiding deity of sattwa guna or guna of purity.

It is fascinating that this special festival of Diwali, of light winning over darkness, dedicated to Mother Lakshmi, is celebrated exactly when Sun is in its debilitation rashi (which is also the sign of Venus – Libra) and is tightly conjuct with the dark Moon in Citra nakshatra – the most tamasic lunar mansion of all, which has its middle and yogatara exactly in the half of zodiac. Here, in Citra nakshatra, both Sun and Moon are the darkest, when conjuct together – which is why we symbolically light the clay lamps on that day to bring illumination into this darkest night of the year.

Here, in Citra nakshatra, Venus is getting both debilitated (in Virgo portion of Citra), as well as has its powerful mulatrikona placement (in Libra portion of Citra). Venus, symbolically representing Mother Lakshmi herself, gets debilitated in this most tamasic nakshatra of all, as Her purity, as well as opulence, is getting overly manipulated for material purposes in the earthly sign of Virgo, original 6th house. Yet, at the same time, Venus has its mulatrikona place in the Libra portion of Citra nakshatra, where Sun and Moon meet during Dipavali time – because it is this portion of Citra nakshatra that blesses us with ability to transform darkness into light, tamas into sattwa, or a raw stone into a jewel – similarly like an oyster transforms irritating grain of sand into a beautiful pearl, which is a symbol of this lunar mansion. Thus Citra nakshatra is a star of a symbolic transfiguration, where Lakshmi is getting churned and transformed from Patala nivasini (“residing in lower regions”) into Dipti (“light, resplendent one”) and a resident of heavens. And it is on this special night of Divali that we frequently need to face our own inner darkness, recognise it and transform it into light of wisdom – to bring light of understading and love, where the darkness of ignorance was dominating until now.


Dipavali is the time of new beginnings and transforming darkness into light. Here are few more important spiritual lessons, which it brings with itself.

We all need to face some negativity and darkness at some point in life – but the way we react to them reveals our character. Lord Sri Ram, whose return to Ayodhya is celebrated during Diwali time as well, faced lots of darkness and hardships during His 14 years of exile – yet He kept bringing His smile and light into every place He went, regardless of the circumstances. Remember, you can’t defeat the darkness with darkness – it is only when you bring the light of positivity from within yourself that the darkness around will be dispelled.


The name of Mother Lakshmi comes from the word lakshya, which means “a goal”. Similarly, our mind becomes pure, sattwic and starts attracting all prosperity, only when focused on the right goals. Dipavali is a beautiful time to let go of some of the lower goals and ambitions of your mind and ego, such as trying to prove anything to anybody, and shift your focus to some higher goals in life, which have capacity to bring you true and lasting fulfillment. During Diwali time Mother Lakshmi inspires us to review our goals and motivations.


For many Diwali time can be challenging. With darkest Sun and darkest Moon, it can make us face some of our inner darkness and negativity. Don’t be afraid to face it. Sometimes you need to descend deep down into your own inner darkness, in order to transform it. Remember, even precious stones, which are symbols of Citra nakshatra, are created deep in the darkness of the lower regions of earth, in the conditions of extreme heat and pressure. Similarly, challenging life experiences purify us and turn our mind into such a jewel, which turns from being a dark stone into the one reflecting light.


Dipavali is the time of sharing the light and joy – because the easiest way to overcome our own darkness and negativity is to make somebody else happy. This is why giving a donation to a charity, giving a gift to a friend or just bringing a smile to somebody’s face, are some of the best ways to celebrate Diwali. After all, the power of Citra nakshatra is punya cayani shakti – the power to accumulate good merit. By dispelling the darkness of another, either by financial help or simply a kind word, you learn how to overcome your own darkness and you start bringing there more light.


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