Learn how to decode the youniverse.

More than just courses and workshops. It is an entire journey of self-discovery and learning to see things more clearly.

Solid Foundations

Learn about all the “why” and “how” from perspective of the ancient scriptures, psychology, astronomy and modern science. You need more than just effective techniques to become a good astrologer – you need to understand the underlying principles that make those techniques work.

Holistic Approach

Do you sometimes feel like your current knowledge is somehow fragmented, but you do not know how to seamlessly connect it all together? In our courses and workshops you will learn how to connect the dots and approach every chart and every case in a wholesome, holistic way.

Ongoing Support

On this journey of self-discovery you are never left alone. I find support of the teacher to be extremely important in any learning process, which is why we always try our best to accompany you on this journey. You are most welcome to clarify your doubts via email or private tutoring sessions.

Rich Materials

We are putting all our heart and soul into our offerings. Each course is beautifully designed and crafted to give you an enjoyable learning experience. After the course you always have access to recordings, as well as abundance of pre-read material, gathered over the years of our practice.

"Depth of knowledge"

“Dear Achala ji, I cannot repeat it often enough: you are amazing. You are presenting everything in such a depth and with such a wide knowledge and understanding! It is such a delight to learn from you and with you.”

- Verena, Germany

“Simple to understand”

“Achala ji not only explains all course topics and concepts in great detail, but also she makes it so simple to understand and knowledge is so precise as if the oceans of knowledge were filled into a pot and sweetened.”

- Utpal, India

“Delight to watch”

“I greatly enjoy watching your videos. I find the content fascinating and you explain it so well. The whole thing is a delight to watch and listen to. Thank you and your husband for the spellbinding graphics!”

- Daniel, Australia

“Different dimension”

“Achala possesses a very deep knowledge of Vedic wisdom that brings an extra dimension to her astrology classes. Her teaching style makes this complex science understandable and I appreciate the clarity and precision she brings to this vast subject.”

- Maryann, US

“Great results”

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying and learning from Achala, she is knowledgeable and helpful. I have really enjoyed the experience and now that I am taking private clients for reading I try and apply her techniques and getting great results especially with the tithis.”

- Nazanin, UK

“Refreshing and magical”

“I have been taking Achala's class for 2 years, since she released her book on tithis. She presents her material in a way so that you understand the subject from a multitude of angles, whether your adept or completely new, you will find her work refreshing and often magical.”

- Tu, US

Secrets of the Zodiac

12 Rashis – Foundations

Over the years I have come to realise that, surprisingly, many Jyotish students do not know much about actual rashis, zodiac signs, and their basic principles or deeper meaning, as described in the Vedas. Knowledge of the rashis is nowadays very superficial and doesn’t really go in-depth of the topic. In this short, yet thought-provoking workshop, consisting of 4 detailed lessons, we will dive deeper into the secrets of 12 zodiac signs, beginning from the foundations.


4 lessons
30 pages

Secrets of the Zodiac

12 Rashis – In-depth

Dive into the mysteries of 12 zodiac signs – deeper than you think. We talk about them all the time, we hear about them everywhere, and yet our understanding often remains superficial. In this one year long thought-provoking course, consisting of 14 lessons (one lesson per each rashi and two additional in-depth sessions), you will uncover many less known secrets of 12 zodiac signs, as well as fascinating predicting tools from the scriptures.


14 lessons
60 pages

27 Lunar Mansions

Nakshatra Course

Vedic lunar mansions form the stellar matrix behind the zodiac, each of them reflecting the quality of different gods, representing different Divine qualities and different stages of soul’s journey towards self-discovery. They are the key to understanding who you truly are and what is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. This is the most detailed Nakshatra Course you will ever find.


32 lessons
600+ pages
“Anatomy of the Nakshatras” ebook

Tithis – Lunar Phases

Journey with the Moon

Lunar phase tells more about you than you think. Your unique birth tithi does not only reveal your deeper emotional make-up, but also tells a lot about how do you receive things in life: in relationships, in sphere of finances, in challenging life situations and even in spirituality. This unique lunar blue-print reveals you a completely new dimension of your birth chart and every moment in time.


22 lessons
“Journey with the Moon” ebook

Stellar Techniques

Navatara Workshop

Did you know that every single nakshatra in your birth chart has some special role based on its position from your natal Moon? Learn the system of Navatara (9 stars) and special stars and be amazed by its stellar precision. On this in-depth workshop we are covering the meaning of every single lunar mansion as counted from your birth nakshatra with its deeper meaning – from 1 to 28.


6+ hours
10 pages

Wheel of Time

Kalachakra Workshop

Kalachakra, is perhaps the most powerful tool in Vedic Astrology helping you to understand the flow of energy on different days and how to make the best use of it. It is a mystical diagram based on 28 nakshatras system that shows you whether your personal life force is currently in tune with the flow of cosmic energy – and if not, it shows you how to correct it.


9+ hours
15 pages

Eclipses in Vedic Astrology

Decoding Eclipses

Eclipses fascinated people of all the cultures throughout time. But what do eclipses really mean for you? What they are transforming, blocking or releasing in your personal life? This is the topic of this unique course on interpreting eclipses. We are analysing not only the influence of transiting eclipses, but with the help of pre-natal astrology we will see, which cosmic imprint was left in you by the eclipses happening, when you were still in your mother’s womb. These pre-natal eclipses often have a profound effect on our entire life and can either leave some serious traumas (or even lead to diseases) or become our places of inner spiritual power.

Some of the lessons of this course are still being recorded.


3.5 hours

9 Planets in Vedic Astrology

Navagraha Course

Each of the nine planets in Vedic Astrology is a Divine messenger of profound life wisdom. Navagrahas are perceived as no less but direct manifestations of God, which govern various manifestations of the phenomenon called life. On this course you will learn all about their hidden mysteries. Even though they dwell in the sky, they are the great teachers within us. Being directly connected to the chakras in our energy body, their influences shape our inner universe – and constantly inspire us to become conscious co-creators.


36 lessons
300+ pages

Nakshatra Based Prashna Techniques

Revealing the Moment

Learn simple, yet powerful Nakshatra Based Prashna Techniques, so you can find in the stars the answers to some of your (and other people’s) important questions. This is the only workshop, where you will learn how to look at the prashna (horary chart) from the perspective of the lunar mansions. You will learn how to effectively use tools like Trisphuta Lagna, Navatara and sensitive points in Prashna charts.


4.5+ hours
10 pages

Ashtamangala Number Divination Technique

Ashtamangala Prashna

Divination with the help of Ashtamangala number is very ancient method in Vedic Astrology. It is one of the prashna techniques which helps you to get a better insight into the present moment.mAnybody, who understands the basics of Vedic astrology can make very accurate predictions with Ashtamangala number method – with or without the help of natal or prashna chart.


5+ hours

Vastu Shastra

Harmonious Living

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of building anything from objects of everyday use to houses and cities, in tune with natural laws and your unique cosmic vibration. It studies carefully the quality of the vibrations of a living space and its different objects to determine, whether they are supporting your progress or impeding it. Five elements, warmth and light from the Sun, climate conditions, magnetic fields of the Earth, planets and other subtle energies influence us on daily basis, whether we are of it or not. Vastu Shastra seeks to resolve any conflicts between them and make your living space more harmonious, peaceful and sacred.


30+ hours
Student manual

Ayadi Calculations

Stellar Precision

Ayadi calculations are secret mathematical formulas of Vastu Shastra, which were used since ancient times for construction of Hindu temples and homes. By knowing how to apply them, you can determine the exact quality of cosmic vibration present in every object around you. It also allows you to design the space you live in and objects of your everyday use to be in tune with your birth nakshatra. In ancient times these sacred formulas were used not only to design houses, but also to create personal jewellery, furnitures, pieces of art or even work tools, so they can enhance the unique stellar vibration of the individual.


9+ hours
Excel sheet with Ayadi numbers

Sri Yantra

Painting & Meditation

Sri Yantra is a mystical diagram representing the cosmic harmony of the inner and outer universe, which is a goal of each spiritual seeker. It is a seat of Divine Mother Herself and helps us to attract her blessings into our lives. Meditation with Sri Yantra helps us to balance all the energies in our inner world and heals us on all levels, while bringing many blessings into our lives – such as stronger concentration, purification of the heart, and attraction of love, wisdom and wealth. Sri Yantra removes negative vibrations and transforms them into positive energy.

The knowledge, which you receive on this course, was given by our Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, and is supposed to be taught only by certified teachers. You will also learn a secret meditation with Sri Yantra.


6+ hours

Sri Yantra

Drawing Course

Yantra literally means “an instrument”. In ancient Vedic culture yantras were used for the purpose of meditation and enlightenment.

Sri Yantra drawing course is not just about drawing and painting Sri Yantra. It is an entire inner journey. Before painting each of the 9 levels (avaranas) of Sri Yantra, we are also meditating on this exact aspect of the Divine Mother within ourselves and we focus on exact chakra to purify ourselves from within.

The knowledge, which you receive on this course, was given by our Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, and is supposed to be taught only by certified teachers. You will also learn a secret meditation with Sri Yantra.


8+ hours
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