“Dhata as the Sun-god, Kritasthali as the apsara, Heti as the rakshasa, Vasuki as the naga, Rathakrit as the yaksha, Pulastya as the sage and Tumburu as the gandharva rule the month of Madhu.”
– Srimad Bhagavatam
In Vedic Astrology each of the rashis is presided by one of the 12 Adityas, 12 Vedic Sun-gods, who are shining in their respective months, when the Sun is dwelling in one of the 12 zodiac signs. In these series of videos we will discuss, how the mood of the Sun changes depending on the rashi or the house it is dwelling in.
Sun in Aries or Sun in the first house assumes a form of Dhata Aditya – Sun-god in the form of creator, at the peak of his creative forces and wishing to bring something new to the world. After all, Sun becomes exalted in Aries. It is powerful, ambitious, full of will power and desire to shine, but can be also a bit short-tempered sometimes.
“Dhatar, the great Creator, then formed in due order Sun and Moon.
He formed in order Heaven and Earth, the regions of the air, and light.”
– Rig Veda
“Twelve Vedic Suns” is going to be the first book ever dedicated exclusively to the topic of Adityas, twelve Sun-gods in Vedic Astrology and describing in detail all of their hidden meanings. Through different astrological principles, as well as mythological stories, you will learn on this journey with the Sun something more about Vedic Astrology and its 12 zodiac signs – but you will also learn more about yourself.

I am still in the process of writing “Twelve Vedic Suns” and it will take me quite some time. But if you preorder, you can become the first one to have the access to some of the finished chapters. This will be my longest ebook – I estimate it to be 600 pages long in total.

After the symbolic death and final surrender experienced in the sign of Pisces, the soul is ready to enter the fiery field of new creative energy of manipura chakra, represented by the sign of Aries. When Sun is crossing symbolic gandanta zone between Pisced and Aries, when it empties the pot of its expectations completely, only then it is ready to create something new and receive the light of inspiration – because every end automatically transforms into new beginning, like exhale gives a space for a new inhale. Here, in the sign of Aries, like during a Big Bang, new energy explodes and comes to life, energising us from within. The new solar year and new cycle of life is born here, the moment the Sun enters zero degree of Mesha. This very moment, this first spark of creative energy, is going to determine the quality of our entire upcoming year. Similarly the light of inspiration and Divine intelligence, which we receive here, is going to determine our thoughts and actions, and thus our life. This is also why first house in Vedic Astrology or ascendant, the rising sign, is so important – because your thoughts, your intelligence and your inspiration are going to determine who you truly are.

Here, in the zodiacal manipura chakra, seat of fire element in our energy body, dwelling on the path of the upward movement of energy (uttarayana), Sun is also exalted, fully awake, fresh and shining in its full glory, like during the sunrise (1st house), when Sun’s rays are the least harmful to us and the most healing and inspiring. Similarly like the first house in Vedic Astrology stands for the moment of our birth, so Dhata Aditya, out of all of the Adityas, reflects the qualities of creative Prajapati or Brahma, who gives birth to new beings and creates what is new. It is here, in the first house, the domain of Dhata, that our life starts and that we are born into being. This is why in ancient Vedic times the blessings of Dhata were invoked before the time of conception.

- "12 Vedic Suns"


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